Founder 6th April 2015

Celebrating 7 years of Cultural Orientations and Preservation of Esanland Rich Cultural Heritage.

With average 30 thousand readers’ and learner’s monthly

It’s our 7 years’ anniversary.

We are building a New Grass Roots Movement in ESANLAND, from one block to another, one Idumu to another. We must change our conversation and foster a new narrative, a positive conversation among Esan folks and all good people everywhere. From a negative mind-set to a more purposeful debate, a positive obsession with goodness and sincerity of heart to deliver development and progressiveness. You can’t build a broken-down house if you are not willing to relay the foundation. The foundation of Esanland, Edo State indeed Nigeria/Africa must be relay. That’s where Community Organizing – Grass Roots Movement is paramount.

You cannot build a nation if you’re not in touch with your Cultural Root. A tree cannot grow without root. is published and funded in whole by Comfort Place, a Non for Profit Organization, with 29 years in global mission, founded by WPPRAISE from Iwaegbe Family.

To help support the work of Comfort Place and our upcoming expansion research projects in Esanland, please visit or make a donation:


Comfort Place CDC
Account number:6892 49 1017



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