LOVE ME LIKE A LADY-A Call To Love Our Country Like A Man Loves A Lady


­­­­­­­­­­­­A Call To Love Our Country Like A Man Loves His Lady


 A speech delivered as the special guest of honour, at the international campaign for the Edo State Governorship Aspirant, Chief Ewie Aimienwauu SABC Studio Cape Town, South Africa, May 2006

Redefining The Nigeria of Our Collective Dream

We live in a new dispensation that the living man must do the living thing. And the living man only has one opportunity to make a change and be part of change. Or else change shall surely pass him by. Our life’s are like passing wind, you stand or you fall or you win or you fail. You either join the bandwagon of reformers or you will be left behind. Change has winds, it carries the ready along and leave the unready behind. It comes with a hand of embrace and cheers the ready along the part of providence and grace. Change does not work with compromising minds it works with courageous heart and jolly fellows. Change comes at a high price and sacrifices. It can never be achieved through idleness of the mind but through a practicable plan. Oh my lord, teach us to obey rather than to disobey. Teach us to understand that we’re a finish work of grace, a masterpiece.

  • Sons and daughters of Africa,
  • Sons and daughter of Nigeria,
  • You are the living and the living must do the living thing.
  • Nigeria is a nation on the rise, but did you believe?
  • Africa is a continent on the move but will you be part of it?
  • Nigeria is a nation full of potential to transform Africa and dictate a true black man exploits but will you avail yourself for this sacrificial change?

Nigeria is calling, calling, calling, Africa is calling to its sons and daughters, pleading, pleading, with dripping tears of humble plea, saying, “love me like a lady.” Treat me like a lady because I am tender and vulnerable.

If we must dictate a new chapter of a better managed and govern Nigeria/Africa, everyone must do his duty in the interest of our beloved country. Fly the green, white, green flag with pride. Change is eminent when we love Nigeria like a man loves his lady.

Genuine love is selfless. There is no selfish desire in true love. I haven’t come here today to entertain the problem or challenges facing our beloved country or continent but to those who are stranded along the way to the promise land, to those who do not believe in Moses anymore, that promise land is attainable, to those who have consistently engaged themselves negativity, for those who spill the blood of the innocent in our land, repent from your evil ways. For those despondent, I am here to transport you to the promise land. I am here to tell you, don’t be weary, don’t be despondent, take heart soul brother and sister. When there is a beginning, there is an end. Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. Where there is sorrow, there is laughter. Where there is pain, there is ease. Everything will be alright soul sister. Yes, it’s been long, we’ve been waiting I agree, but the rest is sweeter than honey after labour.

In 1914 the country called Nigeria becomes one, we may have been goofing but we shall win if you and I will do the right thing.

That is why we must care for our country like a man care for his lover. To the man, Nigeria should become your newly discover Juliet while to the woman Nigeria must become your newly wedded Romeo. Treat her tenderly, love her gently. Safeguard the name, love the name and promote the name and die for the name. We must sacrifice for the coming generation.

There is a voice echoing in some distant miles away, calling! Calling! Calling! Biding us to change, to re-orientate our minds and urging us to cherish our country like a man cherished his beloved. It’s a privilege to be born an African. We come from a continent who gave civilization to the world. It’s even a greater blessing to be born a Nigerian. Although we don’t value Nigeria, but we own it a responsibility to colour our nation and stop the de-marketing of Nigeria by unpatriotic Nigerians. Remember, a wise child covers up his father’s nakedness while the fool makes mockery of his father’s publicly. When Nigerians de-market Nigeria, they give people the rights to disrespect and abuse them. Nigeria is not our problems. Nigerians are the problem of Nigeria. Before we point accusing hands we must remove the log in our eyes.

When A Man Loves His Woman He Will Love Her Like He Loves Himself.

A man is not a fool who marry the woman that he loves. A man is not a fool who loves his country and build his country. No one takes care of a house better than the owner.

It’s easier for a man to work in love when he loves himself. It’s even much easier for a man to live with people when he learns to live with himself.

Every man has his place in history. No one can take your place. And you cannot show two parts of yourself to the world, at the end of the day, the true you will be revealed for all to see.

  • A man cannot give what he does not have except he has it.
  • A man cannot live what he does not know except he knows it.
  • A man cannot rise above the level of his thought except he reasoned right.

Change is visible and can be gain if we believe. But we only need to be part of this change; we only need to be part of the solution not the problem. I see a new sun rising beside the pinnacle of Olumu rock; it’s a sun of a clear new day.

  • A new Nigeria/Africa has been born be path of it.
  • One Of The Greatest Qualities Of True Love Is Making Sacrifice.

Real sacrifice means going the extra miles. But how many Nigerians are willing to make sacrifice today? How many Africans are willing to make sacrifice today and build Africa/Nigeria of our collective dream? 

The Quality Of A Great Lover Is Caring For His Beloved.

A genuine lover never visits his lover without a phrase of pleasure. Likewise, we should endeavour to love our country like we love our wives. Do the thing that pleases, rather than be an enemy of our own progress, we should be proprietor of collective good and development for all. Share national cake in equal proportion, when you rise, lift someone up along the way. Don’t seat and eat the national cake alone, for soon you will be dead and the nation will still be there. Live real and be real. Truth creates wealth but lies destroy it. Suze Orman

We must play by the roles and work according to the roles. When you play by the roles you gain and progress more. A nation without the right fundamentals is like a house without a foundation, chaos, bleed despair and hopelessness. A man without a vision is like a sheep without a shepherd and a life without a purpose is like a ship without a compass. If a man does not know where he is coming from, how will he know where he is going? It’s not enough to dream, but where are you going with your dream?

Welcome My Fellow Country Men to a New Dawn

Beneath the dark cloud of uncertainties, I see a bright light welcoming us all, children of Nigeria/Africa to a better day. But did you believe?

Beside the River Niger, I see the sun of change piercing, shining! Shining! Shining!

As I seat at the centre of unity, by the Zuma rock I see the Nigeria of our collective dream rising slowly and painfully, but surely our rising shall meet at the end of the road where the fruits fall. But did you believe?

By the River Nile I hear the nightingale singing cheering us on, go forward, do the thing and the work will work for us. But shall we allow our yester years failures to stand in our way…NO! Begin building your future TODAY!

You only need to believe; you only need to be part of this change. Impossible is nothing because change happens!

Yesterday I was in the valley and I pray to Osanobua, God, to show me the way to the promise land. He said to me, son of man, “Don quit! The struggle continues. You never win by giving up.” For I am the way and I shall lead you to your promise land. For the end that Osanobua, God makes the end of every man is a glorious end. However, the way we end is our choice.

Nigerians, Nigeria needs you. Africans, Africa needs you.

Nigeria, it’s the only country in the world where you will feel welcome home and feel at home. There is no place like home. There is no place like your place. Whether you live on top of a tree, your place is your place. No liberty will you exercise under the sun like when you are in your home country. Even if you break the last pot of palm wine, the elders will forgive you and take you back to the clan. But if you are living in a foreign land, they can change their mind, revoke your citizenship. But, in your country, nobody can revoke your citizenship.

This is the season we must all realise that Africa needs us. We need to work for a change in our beloved country this season.

We need to orientate mind for a better Nigeria this season. If Nigeria must change, we all need to change.

We have a duty to our beloved country. Our collective dream should be a Nigeria that governs itself, where every man and women are treated equally with their rights accorded them as enshrine in the constitution.

The Nigeria of our collective dream is a country every Nigerians must have equal rights.

The Nigeria of our dream is where leaders are accountable to the people and the people are accountable to their leaders. If we the electorate are not accountable, we cannot hold our leaders accountable.

For our leaders to be accountable to us, we need to change our self-first. The people-populace reflects their leaders.

Nigerians who believe they can make an impact must get up and be involved, not only as politicians but as community builders. We must use volunteerism to transform our community. Community-oriented programs will change our states, villages and our country. Evil only prevails when the good keeps quiet. But when the good speak, evil is silent forever.

Rise And Do The Thing And The Thing Will Work For Us.

We are not under curse but self-imposed limitation and negatively are dragging Nigerians/African into the mud. Impossible is nothing because change happens! To hell with impossibility, rise someone think possibility gain change. Africa is the continent that God kept in reserved. The first shall be the last and the last the first. Arise, shine, for your light is come, the glory of God is rising upon you.

You may call that a consolation but Mr sceptic what is my business with yours, you have defined yourself by your scepticism, and unbelief, you limit yourself by your thinking isn’t it time you delete from your mental hard disk self-imposed limitations and move forward, at this dispensation, if you cannot organise yourself, change will pass you, Mr Sceptic. The future belonged to those that build. A young man need not to be afraid of the future except he is indolent and not to apply his brain correctly.

Today I am transported back to the morning where living wears brilliant attires. I came to talk to you as a friend to a friend because a genuine friend loves all the time. A staunch friend tells his friend where pit fall lies. I came to sing you a song and I want you to be part of this song. I came to tell you a story. This is a living. story, it must not pass you by, I persuade you; I beg you; I pray to you and I plead with you humbly and ask you join and be part of a new generation of Nigerians who change Nigeria, sing me a song, decide today and be part of history.

Children of Africa fly like an eagle, roll out the drum, let us dance again the dance of our father. The living man must do the living thing.

Children of Nigeria, if you think our country will continue to be chaotic, and you think you can do things and get away, then don’t be surprised that you will be left behind. Wind of change is driving its way so fiercely through Africa will it pass you by? If you are not prepared, you will be left behind. If Nigeria does not change, if Africa does not change in this century, please come and hang me on a public tree. I pray to live to see this promise of a stable, well managed Africa in this century. If you ask me how long I don’t know, but one thing that I am sure of this that I know that change is eminent. I can feel it; I can feel it in my spirit, I can touch it in my soul. It is burning within me like a fire. The heaven tells me the harvest is ripe but the opportunities for self-development enrichment in Nigeria/Africa is unlimited. That is why I ask you to be part of Nigerians/Africans who are helping to change Africa.

The way the Nigeria economy will pick up will baffle the world. Like the Asian tiger, it’s going to be rising in silence. These are prediction for the future.

  • But are you prepared sons and daughters of Africa?
  • What are you doing with your life today?
  • What are you doing to be part of this great change that is forcing it way through Africa?

Are you trying to build skyscrapers out of evil? Remember no matter how many the ways that leads to the river there will always be one true way. The man who thinks the only way to the garden is through the back door should understand that one day the owner of the garden will ask for what belongs to him. One day for the owner another for the thief. The thief who never gets caught is never smart anyway, because he will be caught another day.  The rat who escapes a mouse trap is never smart one day he would be caught. Except he stays away from mouse trap, he is not safe. Our elders use to say, “A man who is trampled to death by an elephant is a man who is blind and deaf.” Esan adage

It Pays To Be Part Of Change.

It pays to be part of men and women who change history. It pays to leave a memorable legacy for the coming generation. If you rob Peter to please Paul one day, the children of Peter will take back from your children the things you take forcefully from their father.

Isn’t time we learn from history? Why should we continue to repeat the mistakes of past leaders? The person who never learns from the mistake of others he might never be wise.

I call to serve

When elected officer governs well, the leader takes credit for a work well done. Tyranny, gluttony, or greed reflect weak leadership.

The secret of re-election without violence is good governance. When a leader governs well everybody smiles their way home and when there is probity, accountability and transparency in governance, the voiceless becomes a voice, the leader is protected from hijackers who only want to govern to enrich themselves.

  • Give reason for people to live and die for their country. Unite the different ethnicity, diversity is colourful and can make a nation beautiful, “verities is the spice of life”
  • Instead of using language, religion to divide the people, use it to unite the people.
  • Instead of favouring one ethic group at the expense of others work for the collective good of all.

The masses are easy to govern when a leader is not greedy, and self-seeking. Also, the populace must be vigilant and play their part, their character will reflect the country they want.

By reason of this truth shall a man lead his people well and God will be pleased.

God bless Africa, the continent that God kept in reserved for the manifestation of greater glory in the latter days.

God bless you
And God bless me

William Patrick Praise is the founder of Comfort Place CDC, a non-profit organisation committed to the principles of good governance, Human Capital Development/community organiser, one nation indivisible. Editor-In-Chief/Publisher-




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