February 11, 2019

Commercial Goat Farming in Nigeria

How to start & make money - By Steve O. C.

If you are considering agribusiness in Nigeria, consider Goat rearing. It’s profitable if you are ready for the venture. Agriculture is a business like any other enterprise. In Nigeria, Agribusiness is the next big thing after the collapse of oil.

February 3, 2019


EWOHIMI UKPE-EZE FESTIVAL begins 8th February and the main FESTIVAL DAY is 9th February 2019


River Niger

“For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepared for it today.” Esan  proverbs - By @WPP Jr

God creates music for the upliftment of the human spirit. Music is the food of the soul because it has the power to connect us to our spirit being. It arouses our attention and leads us into the dancing mould until we’re transfigure, driving by terrestrial angelic forces, we’re lifted, transformed and elevated beyond the physical because our minds is lost in merriment. At that very moment, we are separated from the pangs of life. Music is what good medicine is to body of mortals that needs healing; it relieves our spirit from life weights. Likewise is one’s latter glorious day if we plan well and work the plans.


Meaning, to keep your focus on tomorrow concerning that thing you’re doing today in that not to suffer in old age.

One’s later days in life. Likewise, planning for old age

January 25, 2019


ESAN PEOPLE think of one GOOD THING you can do to enhance and promote development in Irrua, Ekpoma, Uromi, Ubiaja, Egoro, Ekpon, Ewohimi, Emu, Ewatto, Ewossa, Amalu, Igueben, Idoa, Illushi, Ifeku, Iyenlen, Iruekpen, Ohordua, Okhuesan, Oria, Onogholo, Orowa, Opoji, Ogwa, Okalo, Ebelle, Ewu, Ugboha, Uroh, Uzea, Udo, Urohi, Ojiogba, Ugun, Ugbegun, and Ukhun TODAY! - by WPP Jr

January 16, 2019

Update - Ogbe Idumuogo Idumughuokha Road Ewohimi

Report by Innocent Iwaegbe

Esan South East LGA Chairman, Hon. Victor Emuakhagbon orders the grading of Ogbe Idumuogo Idumughuokha road as a palliative measure to reduce the suffering of the communities.

January 14, 2019

AGRIBUSINESS - Controlling pests without the use of chemicals

By AgroNigeria

One of the perennial problems that farmers face is pests invasion. Pests are dangerous and are great threats to the success of any agribusiness.

For decades, chemical pesticides have been the usual way to control pests on farms. Sadly, its effect on human’s health has raised concerns and many people have argued against its use.

Most of these pesticides are poisonous in nature, though it is the poison that eradicates the pest. But, at times, these pesticides do have residual effects on human as a result of the contamination of the crops during its application.

Therefore, taking preventive measure is better than control. As you plant your crop, there are some plants you can as well plant simultaneously.

These plants that are called companion and pest repellant plants help to reduce pest population and also serve some beneficial purposes,  like proper utilization of space and enhance crop safety through the provision of habitat for beneficial plants.

January 2, 2019



1906 -2019
Age 113
The Patriarchy of IWAEGBE’S FAMILY

Who went to be with the Lord today TUESDAY 1ST JANUARY 2019, 10PM

 1906- 2019 - – Age 113

Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye with a smile

1 January 2019, Enrollment or collection of data is now mandatory in Nigeria.

Nigeria Government has begun the mandatory use of National Identification Number (NIN) to access services to citizens or legal residents of Nigeria across the country.

December 26, 2018


After almost three years of no electricity in Ewohimi, today 26/12/2018 electricity is now fully back on all over Ewohimi.

Kudos to everyone who makes this happen. So the effort that was put into this should be extended to Ewatto and Orhordua who is still out of electricity right now.

Celebrating Esanland Cultural Heritage