June 17, 2020

How Politicians Gain and Profits In Our Divisions.


You’re the obstacle you must overcome
You’re the greatest obstacle to your miracle
You’re the greatest enemy to your progress
You’re the one standing in the way of your development
You’re the one standing in the way of your destiny
To ponder impossibility is to limit one’s destiny 

The deliberate confusions orchestrated in Edo State by politicians’ benefits politicians only while the Masses are the loser. 

June 3, 2020

Tiger Nuts and its Amazing Health Benefits

Tiger Nuts

By  AgroNigeria

Locally called ofio, tiger nuts are edible tubers popular among the average Nigerian as a packaged roadside product purchased either dried and crispy, or wet and soft.

These nuts are marble-sized wrinkled orbs that grow very close to the surface of the soil. Also called yellow nutsedge, chufa nuts or earth almonds, they belong to the small root vegetable (or tubers) family.

May 15, 2020


“Izesan! Speak Esan!” by Anthony Otaigbe

Learn to start speaking Esan NOW!

“Izesan! Speak Esan” is an Esan language learning application for beginners. Kids and adult alike to learn Esan language and Rich Nigeria Culture.

May 13, 2020


Image courtesy of: BenBlack

The Esan Polities  By Lorenz, Carol Ann

Esan consists of thirty-five political units (Fig. 2, map) recognized by the Nigerian government. These polities were established at various times, and some have only recently gained government recognition as independent units.

April 20, 2020


A burglary/robbery took place in Mrs. Catherine Owanlan’s compound in Ibhiolulu - Uwessan Esan Central LGA, while she’s away to nurse a newly born baby.

2 suspects arrested and 3 suspects still at large. We’re calling on the immediate arrest of the criminals and case charge to court. We must flush criminals out of Esanland.

April 1, 2020


By Williams Ehizuwa Orukpe
Department of History And International Studies University Of Benin

This paper examines federalization through state creation as an instrument of nation building in Nigeria. Nation building efforts in 
multi-ethnic societies seek to facilitate nationalism and development. But in Nigeria, we find that the paths to nationalism so far adopted, instead of yoking her peoples into one bundle to promote development have paradoxically disintegrated and underdeveloped them. Hence, using Esanland as a case study and the political economy analysis framework, this paper seeks to historicize this issue. We seek to interrogate the problem of political integration without corresponding economic integration bedeviling rural areas in Nigeria. And to demonstrate that Nigeria’s adumbrated federalism is partly responsible for rural economic underdevelopment; and the economic disconnect between rural and urban economies in the nation. This paper maintains that rural underdevelopment in Nigeria is currently fueling ethnic-nationalism and crises of confidence in Nigeria’s federalism; and socio-economic dystopia in Esanland and other rural areas.

March 14, 2020

A Celebration Of Life

My Wonderful Mother will be turning 108 years old this year. Every woman is not a Mother, but you’re a mother.

With my sweet Aunt Mam Osaighale.
Celebrating my Owu
Izumen Ewohimi
lineage of Odianose Oboh Family.-@WPPJr

January 22, 2020


By Ramatu U Bako

One of the under-utilized, under branded and under popular policies of our government is the National health Insurance Scheme (NHIS). Or the Private Health Insurance Scheme (PHIS) for those not working with or for government.

There is absolutely no reason why people should be going around looking for money to go to hospital or buy prescription in this country. It is appalling that in this day and age, people die not due to illness but due to the time lag occasioned by relatives running around trying to raise money to pay for test or medicines etc