ESAN PEOPLE think of one GOOD THING you can do to enhance and promote development in Irrua, Ekpoma, Uromi, Ubiaja, Egoro, Ekpon, Ewohimi, Emu, Ewatto, Ewossa, Amalu, Igueben, Idoa, Illushi, Ifeku, Iyenlen, Iruekpen, Ohordua, Okhuesan, Oria, Onogholo, Orowa, Opoji, Ogwa, Okalo, Ebelle, Ewu, Ugboha, Uroh, Uzea, Udo, Urohi, Ojiogba, Ugun, Ugbegun, and Ukhun TODAY! - by WPP Jr

We need to go home and
REBUILD OUR FAMILY COMPOUND, RENOVATE OR REPLACE OLD HOUSE WITH NEW ONES. Many of you have houses, investments in Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba and foreign land but in Esanland – your family compound is falling down, although you are proudly sons and daughters of Esanland.

ESAN FOLKS, we must put our differences outside and channel our energy bettering ourselves in this 21st century. Let’s not forget, ESAN FOLKS are a minority in Nigeria. We can’t change that but we can re-organize Esanland/Edo State that provides basic amenities like:

1.     Clinics, hospitals, hospices
2.     Better equipped schools with computers power with solar light
3.     Roads
4.     Reconstruction of 21st “Agbado markets”
5.     Pipe borne water/Boreholes
6.     Sholarships programs
7.     Community centres
8.     Youth Employment and Skills Programme
9.  The provision of solar to power rural clinics/hospitals
10.     Women empowerment is not a luxury but a necessity, driving by state and the private sectors etc etc

We need to strengthen COMMUNITY ORGANIZING in Esanland/Edo State. No one take care of a house better than the owner of the house. Osanobua has placed so much resource in the hands of Esan folks home and abroad. Like minds can pull resources together go home and execute direct project. One Idunmun at a time one block at a time one community at a time, we can transform Esanland, Edo State and Nigeria. Local organizing, ward by ward is the best way to bring structures and sanity to our nation. Nigeria will not die except Nigerians disappear out of Nigeria because Nigerians are the problem of Nigeria.

Together we can do something beautiful for Esanland, Edo State and Nigeria.

We must never be afraid of change or the future. 

To achieve a greater change we must be ready to make greater sacrifices to birth our collective desires. For a better tomorrow we must give our today. Let do the work so that when we get old we can be proud of our works in old age. The glory of our old age is the sacrifice of our time, skills, resources and the service we render for the betterment of Esanland, Edo State, Nigeria and humanity.

Do not say, “I don’t live there and I am never going to live in Esanland. So why should I care about developing my family compound or get involved in community development?” Remember, one day we all shall die, and they will bring your body for burial among your ancestors in your family compound. So, you can’t run away from your shadows. The time to build the future is NOW!

I am doing my part because I know the future shall be better tomorrow. What about you?

For a better tomorrow, we must give our TODAY