You can now Travel with Train from Warri, Sapele, Kogi State to Esanland

Agbor Railway facilities-GEJ Train Complex 

Warri/Itakpe Railway has begun full commercial service.

You can now travel by train from Ujevwu Warri to Itakpe Kogi State through Esanland onward to
Abuja or Abuja to Esanland.


Train Departure Schedule Monday-Friday:                                                         

TRAIN DEPART Urjevwu Warri by 8:00 AM to Itakpe Kogi State

ARRIVED Itakpe Kogi State by 1:30 PM

DEPART Itakpe Kogi State for Warri by 2:00 PM

Fare: N2200

There are 12 stations/Stops on Warri/Itakpe on Nigeria Central line

1.  Itakpe Station

2.     Eganyi (here's where the link to Abuja will be, via Baro Port)

3.     Itogbo

4.     Agenebode

5.     Uromi

6.     Igueben-Ekehen

7.     Igbanke

8.     AW7: Agbor Station & Railway Facilities Yard (aka GEJ Railway Complex)

9.     Abraka

10. Okpara

11.   Ujevwu

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