Homosexuality/Feminism Is Alien To Black Culture

Feminism was never a black woman's fight in the first place. Feminism stemmed from the white woman not being able to vote or work. The majority of black men have never told a black woman that she can't work or that she doesn't have a voice in their marriage, these are things that white women had to go through. White men are the only ones that denied their women the right to work or speak her mind in the home.
Think about it... black men for the most part have always appreciated a working black wife because most of the time he didn't earn enough at works to keep his family afloat anyway. So black women becoming a part of feminism was a huge mistake anyway, nobody ever controlled us and black men have always appreciated how strong we are and have always respected our strength. Also, there is a difference between a strong black woman that submits to her husband and is docile to him and a woman who is always challenging her husband, loud mouthed and disrespectful to her husband. So do not get the two confused ladies.

You'll always be seen as black FIRST before gay by the police, or any other person for that matter. Both struggles cannot be put on the same platform.

You Cannot equate the gay struggle with the black struggle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Understand that!!!!!!!!

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