The Original names of 35 Esan Clans

 EsanlandIs about time, Esan folks, Nigerians and Africans stop taking our history for granted. We should priorities the preservation of our History and Rich Cultural Heritage.

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The Original names of 35 Esan Clans

AMAHOR - Original name isAmaho

EGORO - The correct name is EGHOLO.

 EMU - The correct name is EMULU.

EBELLE - original name is EBENE

KEKHENLEN – Ekekhenlen is derived from two words, Eko meaning Camp and EKHENLEN meaning traders.

EKPOMA – Ekpoma

EKPON –Ekpon

 The correct name is EMULU.

EGORO - The correct name is EGHOLO.

The correct name is EBHOATO.

EWOHIMI - The correct name is EBHOIKIMI from the original name ORIKIMI

EWOSSA - The correct name is EBHOSA

The correct name is EILU

The correct name is URUWA

IDOA-  Idoa.

IGUEBEN correctly came from two words. IGUE which is a Bini word for CAMP or village, and EBEN which was the name of the builder of the camp.

OHORDUA - The correct name is OKHUODUA from Okhuele - Odua.

OKALO - Okalo

The correct name is OKHUELE-ESAN, a name which has overemphasized the connection there is between Okhuele-Odua (Okhuodua) and Okhuesan.

- Ogwa

The correct name is UKPOZI.

UBIAJA- The correct name is UBIAZA.

ORIA – It is said after the Idah War of 1516 on the way back, the Oba of Benin PURIFIED his body with some slaves just as it is customarily done in Esanland by women using a few days old chicken. From this the name ORIA is said to have come. (RIA EGBE - A means to cleanse the body).

UDO – Udo

The over-all name of Ugbegun came from their first real Onojie called UGBEGUN, who went along with the rest of Esan leaders round about 1463 to answer Oba Ewuare the Selfish's call.

OROWA – the original name is Uruwa

UGBOHA - The correct name is OWOHA

UGUN- Ugun


UKHUN- Ukhun

URHOHI- The correct name is UROI

The correct name is URONMUN.

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