Vision, hard work and dedication is what birth a great nation. By WPPraise

The birth of a great nations begin from a small seed. It is watered and nurture with:

1.       Vision
2.      Sacrifice
3.      Hard work by men and women who belief in the cause of the nation.

There’s always a time in a nation that the tide will turns in a country. When we must light the coal and boil the water – water is life. There is always a time in a nation when North, South, East and West winds must put their differences outside and concentrate at the matter at hand – nation building. Although we all have our different opinion but we are all travelling on the paths that leads to the road where the fruits fall.

There is a time in a nation, if she was running, she will begin running right. If she was crawling, she’ll begin working her talk, if she was unbalance, she will begin to find a balance, if she was rule by gangs, she will begin to reclaim her lost glory and the gang shall be dismantled. Darkness do not reign because it’s so powerful, it enjoy a temporary stage because the good keep quiet.

Nevertheless, a day shall come that the righteous has no other choice but to rise up against evil. When good speak then darkness has no other choice but to bow and relieve the stage for the good. A servant is only at will to reign insults on the master in the secret but not in the open. But “Do not pay attention to every word people say, or you may hear your servant cursing you--” Ecclesiastes 7:21.

Corruption is one of those monsters of darkness to whom the light of truth is death. Expose corruption and it dies. Light is to corruption what the heat of sun is to the root of a tree; it must die under it.” Frederick Douglass

Look in history, every great men experience great failings before becoming great. Every stable nation has gone through times of uncertainties, maladministration, messed up before they finally get it right. Are we courageous enough to accept our failing past, correct it and move on, redefine a new course of our country or are we blinded by tribal and religious bigotry, narrow minded ideologies?

Men and women who reason right, knows there is a better today after today when we all shall breathe the new refreshing winds of God again. While the sceptic doubts and mocks I – the messenger of good news their living gradually wears away before their very eyes. "For the future belong to those that built than those that destroy." Choose the side you belong and go to the work. In times of uncertainties and economy hardship, we must seek innovative ideas – think out of the box to survive. “Tough times never last but tough people do.”

Good reason speaks and sees light in darkness – optimism in times of depressions and uncertainties. While those who are short sighted sees doom even if it seem our days of economic woes won’t be long. Men predict doom God gave the final verdict.  In every stage in life, there is always an event, either palatable or unpalatable but they are all temporal except CHANGE.  Change is permanent. It keeps happening. We serve a God of change expect change in your lives. If we change our nation will change for the better.

Chose The Side You Belong And Go To Work. 

For a day is coming in this nation that those who prepared for the future today shall reap “Pursuit of Happiness”. Be prepared for the future, for tomorrow will not birth itself but we must plan today to reap a better tomorrow. For a better tomorrow we must give our TODAY!

In the beginning, Osanobua - God create Esan folks, Urhobo, Hausa- Fulani, Igbo, Ijaw, Kanuri, Annang, Tiv, Ibibio, Etsako,    Jukuns, Bambuko, Banda, Barke,Bashiri, Anyima, Bachere, Bade, Diba, Edo’s, Yoruba and many other tribes and mortals and put them in the Garden of Eden, with River Niger, River Benue to water the garden. “And God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.” Genesis 1:31. Nigeria is a very ethnically diverse state with over 370 ethnic groups and over 500 languages. To read more on Nigeria diversity click -Nigeria

Diversity is God’s gift to humanity. Instead of hate, we should love more. Instead of nursing tribal and religious sentiment, we should embrace and celebrate our diversity. Love conquers all but violence destroys all.  Violence is the weapon of the weak. So, before you spread hate and incite violence, remember progressive mind dialogue. “Human kindness has never weakened the stamina or softened the fiber of a free people. A nation does not have to be cruel to be tough.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

We can’t be calling on God and be tribal or racist. The God who makes the sun to shine on the righteous and unrighteous is the father of us all. Why hate whereas the good book says “love thy neighbour thyself.” Mark 12:31

The people of Nigeria, especially the youth has the potential to change Nigeria. In regard to national development they need not be motivated on religion or tribal sentiments but to a collective development for all. Imported religion is our worse nightmares. Religion and tribal bigotry hinder national development. Rather, the youth of today should not nurture narrow sectional ideas at the expense of collective development for all. Neither should think on tribal neither should they allow themselves to be used by corrupt politicians to create chaos. We need peace to develop.

In as much as mortals want paradise by all means they have already planted seeds on earth that will continue to reproduce the order of their kind. Therefore, we all need to know where we’re coming from to be able to know where we are going. Sometime for a nation/family to succeed or change they have to first of all look back at the history of their past leaders, correct the mistakes of the past and build on what is working and leave whatever is not working behind.

Over spiritualization leads to physical deformities, mental reluctance and spiritual bankruptcy.

RELIGION and TRIBAL bigotry are deadly spiritual disease, which only can be cure by genuine revelation of God’s word. So, let us set tribal sentiments outside and make Nigeria a great nation for us and our children children’s. God is neither black nor white, choose the side you belong and go to work. Men are naturally mad on the subject of religion, and “the revival, restore them rather than make them mad.” Charles Finney.

Blessed are they who save in time of plenty for they shall have abundance in time of scarcity.  

Blessed are they who water their destiny with integrity for they shall inherit longevity and stability. When the evening of completion manifest the crooked shall vanish away like shadows, like vapour an dust, they shall be forgotten like yesterday. In their old age, their ugly morning shall come to mock them to their face. Then it dawn on them like the old preacher say “Vanity upon vanity, is vanity”.
Ecclesiastes 1:2

Blessed are they who embrace dignity of labour for their labour not be vain. It shall stand the test of time.

Blessed are they who embrace frugality, their barn shall be full of plenty in time of scarcity. A man may run and hide away from his friends but he cannot walk away from the footsteps he has left at sand of time. Yesterday is a shadow it follows us everywhere we go. 

Truth writes history. Lies depreciate humanity but truth elevates and appreciates humanity. You can cheat on mortals but you can’t cheat God. You can cheat in exams but you can’t cheat history. It’s our foot print we left at sand of time that dictates our history. Is either good or evil. There is no second chance in the grave. 

Blessed are those who believe in Nigeria/Africa rising for their labour shall meet bountiful harvest of a better stable nation and continent. Nigeria/Africa is rising! They and their children shall reap outpouring of prosperity. This is the black man century. However, sceptics may jeer and laugh me to scorn but in Esanland we say Emuakhagbon-The end of a matter is better than the beginning. Truth shall vindicate the righteous. Young shall grow and the old shall grow old to sing songs of living reigns.

Look, up – the cloud is gathering, the rain is coming and the field will soon be green. The vegetables will soon be ripe for harvest. It's time to arise and sow your seed in this nation, right here in Africa. In the midst of great uncertainties that befall we today shall a new nation rise up coloured beautiful like a damsel.

Yea, many may have lost hope, with bitter years of hopelessness fresh in their minds. Waste of national resource by gang of the 60ties lingers in the minds of the masses of this nation. At the corner of their heart, change seems so far away. All hope of a better chapter is gone with winds. Like a barren woman in tears and lowliness of mind, she bears her childlessness in silence, which words can’t describe. Many have try in their mortal ways to comfort the mourning but often time words of human is never enough to comfort mourners. Often time is better to be silence while comforting the mourners. It’s easy to try to comfort those in melancholy but it’s never easy to fathom the pain in a man’s heart.

But there is a Lilly in the field that grows amongst wicked thorns, unfriendly weeds that wrestle and wishes to reign over the Lilly. Will this Lilly survive maggots that plan to reign and suppress the Lilly? Time will tell. 

No matter the rivalry or evil intentions of those who plan the downfalls of the Lilly, they shall fail and the Lilly shall rise. When a man’s hand is clean, mortal wishes him evil God will turn it around for his good.

Nigeria/Africa is that Lilly, rising in the midst of thorns, wrestling to find its footing amongst vicious gang. The thorns are the gang- mafias of the 60ties, the West, who have looted the common wealth of the Nigeria/Africa nations.

For our brothers and sisters groaning, do not permit this challenging time to blind you to the greater promise of the future. This nation, called Nigeria/Africa will rise up from the dust, the Mafia will be forgotten quickly and their evils years of yester years. Those with vision will mount the stage then darkness and maladministration shall no more reign in our land.

If you are waiting for Nigeria/Africa to completely come right before you put your foot somewhere, begin building you will lose out. Then it might be too late to explore juicy opportunity that lies in the midst of uncertainties right now. Where there are a people there is always money to make.

There’s a nation that is rising from the belly of the dark, its wings shall spread across great mountains, mighty hills and valleys, its beauty shall be a thing to behold in the near future. 

I perceive the sceptic will jeer laugh me to scorn, that I’m must be high on something. Yes, I am high on the matter of the deep, which only men of vision understand, that is not commonly understand by mere human reasoning except by divine inspiration. I speak not of human spirit but of the divinity, which drives my reason. Emuakhagbon – The end of a matter is better than the beginning. Men and women who are short sight are reason blind. 

Men and women of vision have put their foot on this land full of fresh breast milk of the ready to capture the world in awe. 

Many are despair but they have not lost hope. In their despondent, failures - buffeted by doubts and fear due to unpleasant circumstances, yet they keep on hoping, for the promise of the future is greater than the waste that lies behind. In hope we must hope, we must not relent, we must not quit, and we mustn't throw in the towels, until we have something to show for our effort. If we do not give up, we will come right.

The Lilly growing in the midst of thorns hasn’t lost its life breathe yet. In the belly of the dark the thorns are falling apart, divine Providence has come for the Lilly rescue and is sucking the live out of the thorns – the gang of the 60ties.

Oh dear soul brother
Yea, the Lilly will get its grooves back, the Lilly shall wax stronger and strong and the thorns –the gang of the 60ties shall perish and be forgotten like yesterday. We indeed missed the opportunity to get our values right back in the 80s and even subsequent governments failed to see how important discipline is for Civility, development and maintenance of a healthy society.

Nigerians/Africans are a victim of lack of values, no collective agenda, no dreams for the state that fits into the state's agenda and concept.

We are in the 30s relative to Europe and China's 60s. We missed it. We are paying the price and will continue to suffer from living in a society where majority can't see beyond their noses and the lack of collective purpose often mistaken as looking out for self-first. When it's not a popular thing to do and rise up for what is right, let us be the change.

I persuade the “siddon look” who expect obituary of the Lilly; they should shake off their doubts and rekindle their hope lest they “siddon look” and opportunity passes them by.

To young Nigerians and Africans, we say, dare to believe “If the Creator gives you an idea, He means to help you carry it out.” We shall overcome.

From the voice of our hero past whose sacrifices and words of wisdom and exemplary leadership we nursed our thoughts and birth progressive nation today, we say “To no person, no matter how wealthy, should we sell our soul. To no nation, no matter how powerful, should we mortgage our conscience. To no group, no matter how influential, should we pawn our thoughts. But we should always reserve to ourselves and to our posterity the right to know, to think, to hold opinion and to pursue our own good in our own way without denying or depriving others of their right to do so. That is our concept of true national freedom.” Unandi Azikewe of Africa

Because manners do not fall from paradise anymore we must rebuilt our country.
 For a better tomorrow we must give our today. For “Nations do not grow overnight as mushrooms or by miracle. Nations are the result of vision, commitment, selfless sacrifices by men and women who believe in the cause of the nation.” Emeka O Ojukwu.

For our country to change I must change you must change, we all must change. Break that self-imposed limitations. We are all created leaders and we all have a place of influence. Use your influence to effect change. We are created to live and die once see what one good thing you can do for your country today. For “Nothing will happen in any nation, in our society which did not first happen in our minds. If wrong is rampant, if indiscipline is rife, if corruption is the order of the day, we have to search our individual minds for that is where it all starts.” Mr. Justice Oputa

God gave us the raw material whatever we do with it is left to us.  Quite complaining and be the “CHANGE you want to see in your country.”  “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetuate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.

When oppressed people willingly accept their oppressor, they only serve to give the oppressor a convenient justification for his acts. Often the oppressor goes along unaware of the evil involved in his oppression so long as the oppressed accept it. So in order to be true to one’s conscience and true to God, a righteous man has no alternative but refuse to cooperate with an evil system:” Martin Luther King Jr

To the old we say, is not too late to redefine your cause. Acceptance of one’s past mistake will right wrong of the past. When a leader publicly accepts his mistake, the follower will believe more in his authority. To be old and be right all the time is childishness. You can be old and not be wise and you can be wise and not be wise. Good manners make good impressions. Wisdom is from above.

Let give the youths a chance, create opportunity for them to redefine the course of this nation.

To the unbelievers, we say believe in your nation so shall you see your believes in manifestation. What you don't believe you can't have. If your mind is fixed on getting things right, you will get it done irrespective of the challenges that may before you. Our task is how we build a nation that's connected and compassionate, who will stop judging and start helping each other. And celebrate our diversity as God’s gift to humanity. When we stop spreading hate and tribal bigotry, our journey of difficulty's days will be over.

I'm not an APC follower neither I'm I a PDP admirer but I’m proudly Nigerian/African. 

"Three things
1. The future belongs to the efficient
2. Order is better than speed
3. Discipline and order are instrumental for attaining and maintaining the future of our dreams."

“Our greatest power as nations and individuals is not the ability to employ assault weapons, suicide bombers, and drones to destroy each other. The greater more creative powers with which we may arm ourselves are grace and compassion sufficient enough to love and save each other.” ― Aberjhani

 God bless you, God Bless me and God bless us all.

Editor -In-Chief/Publisher

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