Cultural Orientations and Preservations

You can take an Esan man out of Esanland but you can’t Esan out of an Esan man. WPPJr

“If a language dies, so does the human spirit. A people without a culture will lose their self respect."

Are you proud of your Esanland Rich Cultural Heritage?

If YES! What are you doing to preserve your CULTURAL HERITAGE?

We Can Begin By Teaching Our Children

1) Esan Language: Speak Esan language with pride. You can take an Esan man out of Esanland but you can’t Esan out of an Esan man.

2) Educate our children our history: We must preserved the best of our past for the next generation.

3) Promote inclusive development for entire Esanland.

4) Engage in community development program - Give back!

5) Learn One Nigeria/African language.

6) Remember, Esan Folks are a minority in Nigeria. ONE UNITED NIGERIA serve better for our progress, survival and development. So, don’t get involve in Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa cat and dog fight. Channel that energy building your dreams, working on your plans and pushing your goals and work with progressive Nigerians who are doing something meaningful with their lives. Because, the future belong to those that build than those that destroyed. NIGERIA/AFRICA IS THE FUTURE. THE NEXT BIG THING. Take it or leave it. The choice really is yours.  “Warfare solve nothing, we can’t dominate; all we can do is to accommodate.” “Let no man put you so low as to hate him.” Booker T. Washington

7) Think of one GOOD THING you can do for the betterment and development of your country and our people today. No one take care of a house better than the owner of the house. If a nation is mismanaged, we should ask the members of that nation. If Edo State, Nigeria is mismanaged is also the fault of the masses who fail to hold their leaders accountable. Until a man breaks the chains that hinder his progress or enslaved him, the enslaver will never let him go. We-the people are the enabler of the kind of leaders that we elect. To break the chains of maladministration, the masses must reject their oppressors through voting the right people into power. Not voting base on ethnic or religious line but based on competency, vision and logical thinking. “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetuate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.

When oppressed people willingly accept their oppressor they only serve to give the oppressor a convenient justification for his acts. Often the oppressor goes along unaware of the evil involved in his oppression so long as the oppressed accept it. So in order to be true to one’s conscience and true to God, a righteous man has no alternative but refuse to cooperate with an evil system:” Martin Luther King Jr

When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream.

Esan Folks, we must preserved the best of our past for the future. 
We need a renewed cultural orientations and preservations of our rich cultural heritage.

Help us drive interest in preserving Esanland Rich Cultural Heritage beginning from ours homes. It's a dance that a child learns that he takes to the public.