The Importance of “Mother Tongue”.

The Importance of “Mother Tongue”.
By WPPraise

"If a language dies, so does the human spirit. A people without a culture will lose their self-respect."

“A man without the knowledge of his history, is like a tree without a root.” Marcus Garvey

The English Language is not superior to Africa Language. While the home is the greatest institution of all. Teacher only compliment the effort of parents. Speaking English language doesn’t mean you’re civilized or speaking your Mother-Tongue Africa language doesn’t mean you’re uncivilized. After all, Africa gave civilization to the world.

Language is an identity. It’s an expression of your originality.

It’s a hidden code of interpretations of an expression of who we really are. There are some sayings, matter of the deep that we cannot interpret in English Language except in our Mother Tongue-Africa Language. More reason why we must embrace –proudly speak, learn Africa language, and make the Mother Tongue, Africa language a priority in our homes.

Children are smart and they will pick up any language you speak to them in their young age. Remember, God gave you children to be a custodian to them. One day, they will be gone, it is what you teach them at home that will follow them to the next generation. If you teach them importance of family value with proper Africa Cultural Orientations, they will also pass it on to the next generation.

Speaking Esan language at home to your children is one such legacy you will leave for the next generation.

I appeal to African mothers, home and the in diaspora remember, in Africa culture, it is written in bold capital letter that- “The Home Belong To The Woman.” Which means, she’s the boss – the stabilizer of family. Please make Mother Tongue-Africa Language the official language in your homes. Take the children home to visit their ancestral homes and root often

We are Africans and we should be proudly so. We must be properly rooted and well educated/informed about our family history and as a people, whose better suited to do this if not Father and Mothers. Because, if we do not tell our history somebody will tell our story the wrong way.

How many of you parents have ever sit your children down and educate them about your family history?

The meaning of the name they bear, their tribe, their great grandfathers history, your rich cultural background, your father/mother history, your own history? Or you’re just fighting your hubby for silly stuffs-turning the children against their father or mother when you should be building home teaching moral values? Remember, in a house where the mother gathers the children to fight the father-that house can never stand. It’s a war you will fight and will never win. Rather, channel that energy to positive use, build your home my dear and become hero to your children children’s. The home belongs to the WOMAN to build not to destroy it.

We know you’re earning big salary, making good money, in an elevated position but, let us be humble so that the Almighty will have mercy upon us all to do more positive development for humanity.

Remember, it’s the foot prints you left at sand of time that the children will follow to the next generation.

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