Did you know your HOME TOWN?

Did you know your HOME TOWN?

We have a million reason to be PROUDLY ESAN PEOPLE. 

By Williams Patrick Praise Jr
( from Iwagbe family)

ewohimi.com  was originally created with focus on Ewohimi but due to lack of properly organize representation of Esanland online ewohimi.com  has published a series of history of Esanland Towns.  We are too great of a people to take our history for granted. If we forget yesterday how shall we know our way to the future? We cannot talk of Bini Kingdom without Esan people. Neither can Esan exist without Bini but Esangbedo. We are all proudly Bini’s- A great people we shall always be. 

Esanland will forever be indebted to Dr. Christopher G. Okojie and many other writers and teachers. Without the sacrifice and tireless effort of Dr Christopher Gbekolo you and I will not be reading the series we’ve published on Esan kingdoms. Grandpa, DR.CHRISTOPHER. G. OKOJIE thank you.

In this series you will be able to access the history of Esan kingdoms of Irrua, Ekpoma, Uromi, Ubiaja, Egoro, Ekpon, Ewohimi, Emu, Ewatto, Ewossa, Amahor, Igueben, Idoa, Ohordua, Okhuesan, Oria, Orowa, Opoji, Ogwa, Okalo, Ebelle, Ewu, Ugboha, Udo, Urhohi, Ojiogba, Ugun, Ugbegun, Ukhun and Ekekhenle. NOTE: Iruekpen’s history falls within Ekpoma.

Esan people share common origin, interrelated with common blood. Irrespective of where we come from in Esanland our blood is the same – like the river of live it flows on beautifully from one generation to the other. That’s the reason why Esan national leaders should lobby and work for the common good of Esanland. We are a minority tribe in Nigeria. More of infrastructural development of entire Esanland will strengthen our collective existence eradicate ignorant and superstitions.

Although Esan folks are a minority but we are a VOICE in Nigeria and have contributed so much to the development of our country. We have a million reason to be proudly Esan people. For Instance, Anthony Eronsele Enahoro, a veteran nationalist, journalist and politicians, in his early 30 was the first Nigeria to demand for independence from the British. He is a true Esan and Nigeria hero.

Today, we need genuine leaders in our Homes Community and Nations. Leaders who understand sense of purpose not self egoistic individuals who romanticize their ego. I mean men and women who will led from the front, set an examples for others to follows. Those who understand leadership is not self enrichment but on how well we genuinely manage the affairs of people.

Those who steal embezzled public fund are blind spiritually. Why will you steal common wealth of a nation you won't take to your grave? Isn’t that foolishness. One day you die and they bury you in a four foot grave, then what? Corruption and embezzlement is a poverty of the mind promoted by short sighted vision.  One day the thief shall die and be bury into a four foot square hole and he is remember no more. A live well lived is one full of many transformations. “The contented man is never poor; the discontented man, never rich.” American proverb.  “A godly life brings huge profits to people who are content with what they have.” 1 Timothy 6:6-11. Empty we came empty we go. With nothing we came with nothing we go. It’s better to dance naked in the street with everybody dancing with you with smiles on their face than to dance in the public and die and your name becomes a point of reference of evil and curses. Osanobua forbids.

Though Esanland has raised great national leaders but the effect on Esanland & Edo State development is lest admirable. It has be a miss opportunity. Why should we allow political interest to deny Esanland – a minority of only 700 hundred people in the midst of 170 million people, why? In raising national leaders we do well but we should go beyond that and let development trick down to Esanland. That’s an error the new generation must redress. We cannot live yesterday today and expect a better tomorrow today. Rather, for their tomorrow, we must give our today.
For instance, in the immediate past administration Edo State had an Esan man as minister of works but Uromi Agbor road is motorist death trap. Yet that road is the most vital economic link to Federal capital and Northern Nigeria. Why play with people destiny in the name of politic? “To no person, no matter how wealthy, should we sell our soul. To no nation, no matter how powerful, should we mortgage our conscience. To no group, no matter how influential, should we pawn our thoughts. But we should always reserve to ourselves and to our posterity the right to know, to think, to hold opinion and to pursue our own good in our own way without denying or depriving others of their right to do so. That is our concept of true national freedom.” Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe

Adam Oshiomole has done a Great job of reviving stewardship in Edo State but we need a greater than Adam Oshiomole who will continue to dance to the will of the people and take Edo state to a greater height. So never again shall we see backwardness but progress and continue infrastructural development of Edo state and Nigeria.
May politics of ignorant religion and tribal bigotry be a thing of the past in Nigeria one day. I am hopeful and I believe Esanland and Nigeria shall be a better place in our time. Because "The future shall be better tomorrow."

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