Esan Numerals In Words, One To One Billion. 

By A. I. Odiagbe.

You can take Esan man out of Esanland but you cannot take Esan out of an Esan man. Kolanut is kolanut even in England.

In Esanland, we are bless with rich cultural heritage and we should be proud of it. Our language is our identity and our identity is path of who we are.  If we try to run away from our culture then we are running away from our TRUE SELF. Is easier to walk in one's shoe than on borrowed shoes that don't fit you. We can't walk away from our shadow neither can we walk away from our self. Wherever we go, it follows us. Let us cherish and preserved Esan cultural heritage today!

We thank early Esan authors/writers, teachers who wrote and documented Esanland history and develop our language. Today we have something to learn from because of their sacrifices. It’s worth noting, early Esan writers never really profit for their works. It is their motivation for change and the preservation of our language our cultural heritage and a sense of responsibility that motivated them to do what they did. We all need to improve on their works. We must preserve the best of our past for the future.

(Below are some of the names of early Esan writers/authors, teachers and members of Esan Orthography Committee.

S. N. Ehinze, Emmanuel Ughulu, Chief L.J.O Oyakhilome, Mr. F. F. Eboigbe, Mr. M.O.Okoh,  Mr. C.O. Oriaifo, Mr. P. Emujede, Mr. V. Ake, Mr. J.A Olumese, Mr. E.E. Odogbe, Mr. C.O. Ikhifa, Mr. S.I Esekie, Dr. Xto G. Okojie, Mr. Robert Omomele Ibhele, Mr. A.E. Okodua, Chief O. Edeko, Engr. Edetanlen Otaigbe, Mr. B.O Ehebha, Mr. G.O Asotie, Tony O Iyoghiojie, A.I.Odiagbe, Dr. Christopher Gbelokoto Okojie, A.I. Okoduwa, Freeman E. Okosun, Solomon Kehinde Okosun, Isaiah Eromosele Okosun.

So, what are you doing today to improve Esanland?

We all should be the CHANGE we want to see in Esanland and Nigeria. Because, The future shall be better tomorrow. 

If you believe, let everybody say, ISE!

Can you count one to one hundred in Esan language?
Yes, You Can!

Below is “Esan numerals in Words, One To One Billion.”

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