Founded in April 6, 2015

This is a project of COMFORT PLACE CDC, helping to create digital collections of endangered minority Esan Folks Language, History, Rich Cultural Heritage online and offline.  To preserve it digitally and bring it to update with technology, and make it easier for Esan folks, researchers, institution and students globally to access their history/heritage in real time so it doesn't go into  extinct.

Esan Folks are a minority ethnic group in Nigeria, who reside in Edo Central in Benin Kingdom, formal Bendel State, now Edo State, Nigeria. If you’re a researcher or linguistic in Esan Folks subject, we’re open to work with anyone in making your voice heard. 

The site is manage and published by COMFORT PLACE CDC - A Non-Profit Organization. A Faith Base Mission with 29 years experience in Global Mission, Founded by WPPRAISE (from Iwaegbe family).

It is an online/offline project, data collections centre, a journal/library community forum created for all sons and daughters of Esanland, home and in Diaspora and their friends, to make it easier for them to access vital information in regard to
ESANLAND history, rich cultural heritage, language, development in the interest of the common good of us all. It’s a Not-for profit publication for the purpose of:

1. Education
2. Research
3. Entertainment
4. Development
5.  Preservation

It is solely dedicated to the preservation of Esandland rich cultural heritage, language, history and for the education, development of our people, for the collective progress of Esanland. esanland.org is about ESANLAND, it’s about inclusive development for ESANLAND FOLKS.

When it comes to Esanland development, I appeal to the honourable sons and daughters of Esanland today, please let us once and for all forget about the names of the villages we come from. We must expand our horizon, unchain our potential, free ourselves from self imposed limitations, of sectional ideology to a broader vision and concentrate in driving collective – inclusive development for Esanland. Ema – pounded yam and Egusi do not fight in the cauldron, that’s why in Esanland yam is king.

Esanland, we’re all kings and queens, let us arise and rebuild ESANLAND, Edo State and Nigeria TODAY!

From State to National level let us get all the bread and butter - cakes –development that’s entitled to Esanland. We must redefine Esanland in this 21st century. If Ewatto man despises Ujiogba man it is himself he is despising.

Remember, “The future belongs to those that build than those that destroy.”

"Nations do not grow overnight as mushrooms or by miracle. Nations are the result of vision, commitment, selfless sacrifices by men and women who believe in the cause of the nation.” Emeka O Ojukwu.

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Mobilizing ESANLAND for a better tomorrow.

 Publisher Bio.

Williams Patrick Praise, Journalist/Social Entrepreneur, Community Organizer, business development consultant, Social Justice Advocacy, Project manager, founder of Comfort Place CDC– a community enrichment development initiative. Specialty in Human Capital Development.




Lifetime member:

  • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People(NAACP) USA
  • National Action Network (NAN) USA.

Honours internationally for his works and essays on environment protections, women and child rights:

  • Mobil Oil National and Essay Award1991.
  • STATOIL National and Essay Award 1992.
  • STATOIL National and State Essay Award 1992.
  • General Mammam Sanni Kontanmgora’s Honouree Award. 1994.
  • Baobab Certificate of honour for Promotion in Women’s right1998
  • Honorary mentioned on international literary expo Osaka Japan 1996 etc.