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Esan South East is a Local Government Area in Edo State, Nigeria with headquarters at Ubiaja. It has the largest landmass in Esan Land, stretching across an area of 1,306 km² and a population of 167,721 according to the 2006 census. The population is obviously higher than that now. The postal code of the area is 311. [1]

Geopolitical Wards

Esan South East is made of ten political wards.  Ubiaja is the largest town in Esan South East with two wards (Ward 6 and Ward 7). Ewohimi is the second largest town with two wards also (Ward 1 and Ward 2). Ewatto has one ward (Ward 3), Ugboha has one Ward (Ward 10) and Ohordua has one ward (Ward 4). Emu, Okhuesan, Orowa and Iyenlen occupy Ward 5 just as Oria/Onogholo occupy Ward 8 while Ward 9 comprises Illushi and Ifeku Island.

Traditional Kingdoms

Esan South East LGA is made up of the following gazetted kingdoms

  • Ubiaja
  • Ewohimi
  • Ewatto
  • Ohordua
  • Emu
  • Okhuesan
  • Orowa
  • Inyenlen
  • Uroh
  • Oria
  • Onogholo
  • Illushi
  • Ifeku Island
  • Ugboha


Esan South East is predominantly an agrarian area. Majority of the people are farmers but it has a few industries, factories, hotels and other commercial ventures. Being the oldest administrative centre in Esan Land, several colonial buildings and government offices dot the landscape of Ubiaja including the Prisons, Federal Department of Agriculture, to mention but a few.


The Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital Annex at Ubiaja and the Ewohimi General Hospital are the best hospitals in Esan south East. Aside these two, there is a general hospital at Ubiaja. There are private medical outfits and health centres across all the ten wards.


Esan South East is the host community of Kings Polytechnic and the National Teachers Institute Study Centre both at Ubiaja. The proposed Loyola Jesuit University Ewatto is expected to come on stream in the years ahead.


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