September 28, 2022 – The Journey To A New Ideas In Nigeria 023 Begins. By WPPraise

“What you help a child to love can be more important than what you help him to learn.” ~African proverb

The people reflect those in power. For the populace to stop giving their powers away, they must vote and elect their leaders wisely.

We hope that a time will come that, our selection of a political office holder will not be based on just rotational candidates, ethnic or religious sentiments but on credibility, diligence, an absolute development oriented purpose that seek to serve for the collective good of humanity. Irrespective of the local government the Candidate may emerge from. Rotation creates acrimony, division and marginalisation’s, distracting the elected political office holder from a people oriented developmental goals, which is the most paramount to everyone who yearns for better governance, home and everywhere.

We pray and hope that, every man and woman will crave and help redefine a better political selection from the old systems that disfranchise Human Capital to a broader progressive collective system that embraces any who wishes to stand up and run for public office anytime, so far him or she has people oriented development agenda. Instead of an agenda that favours a political party, which ostracises the people from decision making to their persons, which is development and progress for the common good for every member of our dear country.

We need reformers to help push for collective development and redefine the cause of history. We will never be in complete order until we reform the system. For all progressive men and women, we should genuinely ask the questions, if the old ideas have brought us development, if not we should have enough courage to reform the systems, do away with ideas, oligarchy method that retrogress us for a better idea to drive collective progressions, that carries everyone along.

We will not pass this road once. It’s better to be a reformist than dances among those who resist reforms at the disadvantage of us men.

As we seek for better purposeful leadership, accountability and probity should be our watch word for electing people to public office.

We all should remember, the POWER OF CHANGE is within us all, that we can help foster a national development that, we the people must ceased power from our oppressors in Nigeria and everywhere else that the populace is disfranchised.

“If you think you are too small to MAKE A DIFFERENCE try going to bed with a mosquito.” African Proverbs.