Photo by Osagie Oghodo: Esanland Yam

ESANLAND YAM. It's only a land that’s flowing with milk and honey like Esanland, that you’re guarantee a natural organic harvest like this Esan Yam in this photo.

A perfect evidence and how Osanobua blessed us abundantly yet we do not value what we have. If anyone ever tells you Esanland/Nigeria is poor, know that person is mentally and spiritually blind and it’s not fit for anyone audience. We must see beyond our immediate challenges and look forward to the greater promises of the future.

Just think about adding value to this yam - process it to yam powder for pounded yam. Think about the effect this will have on the farmers and the community at large. Better wages for farmers and the village development. 

Esan Folks, we must look inward and free ourselves from self-imposed limitations we find ourselves in Esanland and Nigeria today. Osanobua God has given us with everything we need to meet our needs, but we must do everything we can to improves and develop ourselves in a land that’s flowing with milk and honey.

Let us quit complaining, you can’t govern or change a community or nation on social media, it doesn’t matter how many likes or retweet you get. Let get involve in governance, community development. Truth be today, Abuja is not our problem, we are the greatest obstacle to our miracle. We must break the chains of mental redundancy today.

Think of one good thing – one development you do for Esanland and Nigeria TODAY! enough of cheap talk, get involve in ESANLAND CHALLENGE

Thank you, good Lord, for blessings Esanland, Nigeria.  We see the evidence but free our minds from mental slavery today in the name of the Father, Son and Spirit. Ise and Amen



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