Pilgrim Baptist Grammer School Ewohimi.

 A premium colleges with memorable history. Through this college, great minds from all over Esanland, now scattered all over the world became men and women whose career transcend IT, Philosophy, Prof. Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Commercial farmers, technocrats, ambassadors, authors, successful entrepreneurs, business mogul, politicians, marvelous father and mother, grandpas etc

This college need urgent attention from Edo State Government, and Alumni to engage Obaseki or the Federal Government to urgently reconstruct Pilgrim Baptist Grammer School Ewohimi.

Today, 9/14/2018 ECDA (Ewohimi Community Development Association clear and mounted new sign to keep the undying spirit of Pilgrim Baptist Grammer School Ewohimi alive. kudos to ECDA.

Think of one good thing you can do to make Esanland, Edo/Nigeria better today. Enough of talk, its time to get inolve.

Thank you for helping make our community better
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