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“For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepared for it today.” Esan  proverbs - 
By @WPPraise

God creates music for the upliftment of the human spirit. Music is the food of the soul because it has the power to connect us to our spirit being. It arouses our attention and leads us into the dancing mould until we’re transfigure, driving by terrestrial angelic forces, we’re lifted, transformed and elevated beyond the physical because our minds is lost in merriment. At that very moment, we are separated from the pangs of life. Music is what good medicine is to body of mortals that needs healing; it relieves our spirit from life weights. Likewise is one’s latter glorious day if we plan well and work the plans.


Meaning, to keep your focus on tomorrow concerning that thing you’re doing today in that not to suffer in old age.

One’s later days in life. Likewise, planning for old age

So Esanland, friends, plan well, so that your days might end well gloriously

Yeah, there are always winds of certainties and uncertainties constantly blowing across mortal’s space. We get refreshed while other times dreams and aspiration may be clouded in uncertainty, doubt and fear might creep into our hearts, like Cloudland is wandering through endless celestial space but when the cloud gathers we know it’s about to rain. There is no thunder in the sky except when it’s about to rain. The significance of rains is abundance. Likewise is living.

The nebulous will clear away in this nation, with a bright sunshine peeking through the heavens again. The night is darker when there’s about to be a brand new day, that’s what the wise, says. Any dreams, ideas, business venture or destiny without risk or challenges, it’s not worth anybody’s time. 

In Nigeria today, some of us need reorientation and to delete negativity out of our minds, get rid of entitlement mentality and superstitious beliefs. Unfortunately, religious/tribal bigotry still dictates – drives many destinies in this nation, that’s why many are stressed out by negativity, which is the by – product of false beliefs and superstitions. What a man does not know won’t hurt him. Whatever is being said in a man’s back lies in his behind.

When a man reason right, destiny will transport him to the end of the road where the fruits fall. Let’s stop nurturing superstitious beliefs, entitlement mentality and let’s get organized, the world is one tough place, be tough,
“Life is a challenge, meet it
Life is a war, fight it
Life is a song, sing it
Life is beauty, praise it”

Yeah, I hear many folks say, this nation's development seems impossible and elusive for many years, that hopelessness fills the land. They are tired of waiting, running the race, and to keep the faith. Remember, your flight might be delayed but you’ll still fly. If you purchase your ticket, there’s a guarantee you still fly.

Many people have high expectations unfortunately they have not made plans for better days when things were good for them. Costly resources were wasted on frivolities and fanfares; they didn’t invest in themselves neither in their future. Living to please men who do not care about you is one way to orchestrate one’s own depreciation. Let live for God and purify our hearts- that’s where God lives.

Home seems too far away for many. That’s why many have legitimate reason to call it quit. Remember, you can complain from today until 10 years from now, your situations will definitely become more complicated. But wait a minute; we cannot rise above the level of our thought, isn’t it? That’s why we need to get organized to experience stable development as a people community and nation, “Always plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah build the ark.” Richard Cushing.

Quit complaining today, move forward because Emuakhagbon (keep your focus on tomorrow concerning that thing you’re doing today in that not to suffer at old age.) for, “the future shall be better tomorrow”

When you’ve done all you need to do and suddenly you become weary because you will, remember, you got a price to obtain. Move forward because Emuakhagbon – keep your focus on tomorrow concerning that thing you’re doing today in that not to suffer in old age.

Sometime doubts, maladies will creep into our dear minds, after all we’re still human, that we may loss, hope and fate, let strengthen our self and revive our faith and keep the dream alive, be hopeful and remember, Emuakhagbon. If Osanobua – God gives you an idea he means to help you carry it out.
Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from abovecoming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow, James 1:17. Dear Lord, guard and protect me on this mortal train so I may live to see your glory in the land of the living.

When our morning is cloudy because it will and uncertainties buffet our train and we get tested, because trials are as real as the sun that shine at noonday, so be prepared and hold on a little while because “Weeping may endure for a night but Joy comes in the morning.”  Because EMUAKHAGBON - (keep your focus on tomorrow concerning that thing you’re doing today in that not to suffer in old age.)

Those who prepare for tomorrow will reap a harvest of a better tomorrow. Let us leave the waste that lies behind and concentrate on the greater promises of the future.

When men are rising men are fallen when men are fallen men are rising. He who falls can rise again. If you are too afraid to fail, that’s when you failed the most. Get on with the business of rising.

But if you experience the latter, keep in mind failures are temporary setbacks, sometime we may need to go down before we get back up but be strong. No one climbs a ladder from the top to the bottom but from the bottom to the top. So, if you’ve fallen you are in a better position to retake your next steps again and reach out to the stars. If you’ve experienced consistent failures in some certain areas in your life, remember you may need to go back and retake that decision again you took 20 years ago today to achieve desired results.

What some religious folks called “curses” is nothing but fault line that needs to be corrected, by retaking that same old decision you took years back, to achieve a desired result. I speak from experience. I pray God grant you wisdom and understanding. Destiny is not a one kilometre dash race, it is those who finish the race they began that win the race. EMUAKHAGBON - (keep your focus on tomorrow concerning that thing you’re doing today in that not to suffer in old age.)

Trials are real. A mechanism must be put in place to deal with it. It is one of the prices we must pay to obtain the bigger prize. I can’t count my failures. If I do, I will be so depressed and lose focus of the great promises of the future. All I do is pray and keep aiming for the stars. For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

When you experience marriage trials, bankruptcy, failures, delays, unemployment, miscarriage, etc. because you will, and you start to feel overwhelmed, because you will and you start to loss interest in things that use to motivate you, relax and watch the cloud clear away before taking another step. Every setback is temporarily occurrence, like dust it shall vanish away. Trouble times don’t last forever, but change is forever. It’s better to begin a journey with a clear vision than jump into the lagoon without a safety net or clear vision. If there is a beginning there is an end. We must be resilient to the end to triumph. Keep your light shining until the end because EMUAKHAGBON - (keep your focus on tomorrow concerning that thing you’re doing today in that not to suffer at old age.) Because, “the future shall be better tomorrow.”

In live good and bad do come our way, remember no one has it all, no one has it all easy without problems. It’s only the dead that have no problems. If you want a problem free life you are asking for death. The rich also cry. Stop praying, God, take away my problems except you want to die. Rather pray to God for wisdom and understanding to solve problems. The day your problems is gone you’re already in the grave. It’s our problems that keep us alive, wakes us up to mingle with the peoples of the world, make a living whether good or bad. Optimism is the bedrock to a comfortable and relaxes living. It’s only the dead that have no problems. What I know for sure, the sunshine always follows a dark night because EMUAKHAGBON - (keep your focus on tomorrow concerning that thing you’re doing today in that not to suffer in old age.)

Yesterday I heard the news from a friend that he has lost his job. Then I said, take heart, soul brother and sister because it’s not new. When one door closes, we will have to make another way. I know it’s not easy, when we fall down, let us remember, we are a better place to rise again. No one climbs the ladder from the head to the top, but from the bottom to the top.

Those with jobs and resources should remember to plan and save for raining days. The mighty become small and the small becomes mighty. The rich become poor and the poor becomes rich. Millionaires become broke and the broker becomes millionaires. Bankruptcy, poverty, failures have no respect for anyone. Are you planning - saving for raining day? Raining days are coming, be prepared. Money burns like fire and it goes away like lightening.

To be self sufficient:

1) Save! Save! Save! Save! Save! Save!! Save!!!

2) Invest money wisely. If riches increasedo not set your heart on them. Learn to be content. Contentment is the secret to avoiding greed and the secret to enjoying the blessings Osanobua God gave us. More money doesn’t necessarily means greater happiness. Contentment is the key. Psalm 62:10. Money doesn’t grow on empty shelf; if care is not taken roaches might feast on it. Invest it wisely.

3) Buy land, they don’t manufacture them anymore

4) Vehicle, $1000 shoes, 350k phone are depreciating assets. Driving a brand new Range Rover doesn’t mean a man is rich. “Clothes do not make the man.” Anonymous. The true worth of a man lies best in his character.

In everything we do and say, the reward we get for our labour under the sun depends on the product of the seeds we’ve sown. We must never be afraid to live, while we live let keep our hands clean before Osanobua –God. You can’t blow my candle out to make yours brighter. No! When a man’s hand is clean men wishes he evil Osanobua God will turn it around for his best.

EMUAKHAGBON - (keep your focus on tomorrow concerning that thing you’re doing today in that not to suffer in old age.)

The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride. Ecclesiastes 7:8

Take courage! All that we meet shall work for our good

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