By Ramatu U Bako

One of the under-utilized, under branded and under popular policies of our government is the National health Insurance Scheme (NHIS). Or the Private Health Insurance Scheme (PHIS) for those not working with or for government.

There is absolutely no reason why people should be going around looking for money to go to hospital or buy prescription in this country. It is appalling that in this day and age, people die not due to illness but due to the time lag occasioned by relatives running around trying to raise money to pay for test or medicines etc

We should encourage all our relatives, friends and everyone we know to go and register with a Health maintenance organization (HMO) of their choice and negotiate a package that suit their family or individuals needs. Anyone can go for affordable private health insurance. You don’t need to be employed. Even a mechanic, a trader or applicant can enroll unto PHIS.

I am not an expert but I am a strong advocate and proud beneficiary of private health insurance. The fact that when you or loved ones are ill, you can just go to the hospital of your choice and receive appropriate treatment is one burden off your should.

Just Google HMO in Nigeria or private health insurance and sift through the information. You will get list of HMOs and their packages and list of hospitals. You can choose just consultation only, consultation and test only or the whole packages of consultation, test prescription etc. you can choose the package to stay in general or private ward etc For as little as 75, 000 a year for a family of 4 and ₦12, 000 for an individual in the ‘weakest’ deal to  ₦1m a year if you want ‘the broad” treatment.

There is even a package for NYSC Corpers. So, if they post your child somewhere, you can do a special package for them in that state and be rest assured that they will not be running around if they are sick.

You see, we play too much in this country. People will pay  60,000 for aso ebi that they will wear only once but will refused to pay that same  60,000 for a year of health insurance saying ‘what if I don’t get sick?” but what if you do? Isn’t it better to take that risk? We spend so much money on frivolities that could be spent on priorities like health care.

ESANLAND/Nigerians my people perish for lack of knowledge. Now you know what to do. Go and get your health care insurance coverage TODAY! Health is wealth. 

Top HMO in Nigeria

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