Compiled By Freeman Eseigbe Okosun

1.              Oba Ewuare introduce identification by tribal marks

2.            Esan people then started to have tribal marks 1462

3.            The first set of Enijiewere made 1463

4.            RvydeSequera was the First Portuguese to visit Benin 1472

5.            Oba Ewuare died 1473

6.           Oba ozolua was killed in Esan Land 1473

7.            The Idah War was fought 1516

8.            The Akure War was fought 1818

9.              The Kukuruku War was fought 1850

10.          Undo-Ewatto war was fought 1870

11.           The National African Company Limited was granted a Royal Charter      
          as THE ROYAL NIGER COMPANY with Authority to administer the                                territories 1885

12.           Ujagbe left Ewu for Agbede 1895

13.            Benin Expedition took place 1897

14.            Islam was introduction to Irrua town 1898

15.             Revocation of the charter of the Royal Niger Company 1899

16.             Arrival of the British to Uromi town 1900

17.             Ogbidi the Onojie of Uromi was crowned 1901

18.            Idumebo Usugbenu was establish in Uromi 1902

19.            The first Native Court was established in Uromi 1903

20.                  The first Government School was opened at Irrua 1905

21.             Ubiaja administrative Station was opened. It served as    
 Headquarter 1906

22.                  Mr. Crewe Reade moved from Agbede to Ubiaja 1906

23.                  He died as result of riot in Owa, Agbor 1906

24.                  Government School Uromi was opened to pupils 1906

25.                  The Onojie of Ugboha, Okojie was installed 1906

26.                  Osmond Welde - a young brave hunter was killed by
      irate buffalo near Illushi 1907

27.           Government School Ewu was opened 1908

28.                  Revd Father Clement Barnwatt arrived Ubiaja 1908

29.                 Mr. Todd organized the first Empire Day celebration for school
           children 1908

30.                 Agbor Esan Road was opened 1908

31.            Mr. Profit took over as Administrator 1909

32.                 Mr. Henry Dene visited 1909

33.                 Revd Father Corbeau arrived in Ukomi,Uromi 1910

34.                 Mr. F.N Ashley-Francis was transfer to Calaber1910

35.                 Government School Ekpomawas opened to pupils 1910

36.                 Mr. Henry Dene made second tour of Esan 1911

37.           Mr. M. S. Cosking became political officer. He quelled Agwa rising.

38.                  Women in Enijies haven were freed 1912

39.                  Introduction of British made coins 1912

40.                  A. Norton Harper 1913

41.            Mr. F.N was in Esan 1912

42.                 Mr. A.N. harper sent Ojeifo the Martyr of Ewu to jail for   
         crimes committed under the indirect slave trade 1912

43.                  Mr. A ,N harper finally put an end to slave trade in Esan 1913

44.                 Mr. R. J Sasse arrived as administrator 1913

45.                 Mr. A.E. Hanson became senior district offier in Esan, he was
            torpedoed as a result of area 1914

46.                 The first World War was fought 1914

47.           The North and South Nigeria was merged and name Nigeria 1914

48.                  Mr. H. G Aveling also served as administrator 1914

49.                 Mr. E.E Porter served as administrator 1914

50.                  Lieutenant Edward Falk was in Esan as administrator

51.            Mr. E. A. Hanson after touring Esan died in the sea 1916

52.                  Mr. W.B. Ruman, a stauch Roman Catholic Compile Esan
          Civil Code   1917

53.                  Mr. H.G Aveling came to Esan 1918

54.                  Ewohimi Native Court was inaugurated 1918

55.                  Mr. W.B. Ruman introduced tax of 2 shillings 1918

56.                  Ogbidi of Uromi was deported to Ibadan 1918

57.           Mr. W, B. as the District Officer relieved the people of Uromi from  
            the hard rule of Ogbidi 1918

58.                  The Influenza (Ehoho) 1919 – 1920

59.                  Esan Enijie Council with executive and Judicial powers was  
            inaugurated 1920 (25th April)

60.                  Ubiaja native Court was set up 1920

61.            Onojie of Okhuesan was appointed member of Ubiaja native Court  

62.                   Esan Council was created 1920

63.                   Mr. E. C palmer amended taxation in Esan, exempting women and     
            increasing that of men 1920

64.                    Mr. R. J Hook arrived in Esan 1922

65.                    Mr. J. C Hamilton arrived in Esan 1922

66.                    Mr. E. C Palmer arrived in Esan 1922

67.             Mr. Wann arrived in Esan. He was believed that he had     
             Government’s authority to kill by shooting. He was handicap as a     
             result of his loss of one leg 1922

68.                  Captain G.A Williams arrived Esan 1923

69.                 Mr. H. G Aveling returned to Esan for third time in December 1923

70.                 Mr. H. G. Aveling left Esan 1924

71.            Mr. J. C. F. Pender arrived in Esan 1924

72.            Mr. R.L. Archer arrived in Esan 1925

73.           Idubor'sOsenuwegbe Movement at Ogba,Benin 1925

74.            Arrival of Idubor at EgoroIshan 1926

75.            Mr. R. J. hook arrived at Esan 1926

76.            Captain G. A Williams arrived Esan 1926

77.             Mr. E. Condra Palmer arrived in Esan 1926

78.                   Mr. E .B Waton arrived in Esan 1926

79.             Mr. V. C. M. Kelsywas the Distrct Officer in Esan 1927

80.                 Mr. H. Maddocks tenure in Esan was tough for the Enijie

81.             Umane - Owegbe, Osenuwegbe at AgwaIrrua 1928

82.                     Mr. G. A. Williams Arrived in Esan 1928

83.                       Mr. J. G. Pykennott arrived in Esan 1929

84.                       Captain G.A Williams arrived 1930

85.                       Mr. V. C. M. Kelsy 1931

86.                      Mr. H. L. M Butherwas intelligence officer 1932

87.                     Mr. Pykenneott arrived in Esan 1932

88.                   Mr. R. J. D Fremlin tried to unravel the murder of
            Okoduwa of Idumuebo 1934

89.                    Mr. H. F. Marshall became Resident in Benin Province 1935

90.                  Mr. H.F. relieved Mr. Hoskins – Abrahall as Lt.
            Governor of Western Region 1935

91.            Mr. H.F became the Chief Secretary to the Federal Government of   
                Nigeria 1935

92.                    Isesele Ojeifo became the Onojie of Ewu 1935

93.                   Captain J. N. Hill arrived in Esan 1938

94.                   Captain A. P. Pullen devised the Pullen Markets the
            Pullen Markets of Lagos during the World War 1939

95.                    Mr. H.L McMullah was conscripted in to the Army during the World      
                       War 1939

96.                    Mr. H. Spottingswoode became District Officers 2 1939

97.             Mr. R. L. V. Wilkes arrived in Esan 1940

98.                      He was popularly known as OiboEnedion 1940

99.                      R.L. V Wilkes tried to abolish forceful marriage of children 1941

100.                   Shortage of salt in the World generally 1945

101.                    Ora was finally excised from Esan 1945

102.                   The end of second World War 1945

103.                   Mr. T. F. Barker arrived in Esan 1945

104.                   The Mr. F. D. Mcgrath arrived in Esan, later became Clerk  
                      to the Western House of Assembly 1946

105.                   Isidahomen II of Irrua was shown of his judicial power for a year  

106.                   Major W. S. Smith was posted to Esan 1946

107.                    Mr. W.K.D Mckae was posted to Esan 1947

108.                   There was total eclipse of the sun 1947

109.                   Mr. W.K.D. McRae was back at Esan 1948

110.                    St Carnillus Hospital Uromi was established 1948

111.                      Mr. J.A. Bey arrived in Esan 1949

112.                     Zuma memorial Hospital Irrua was founded 1950

113.                     Mr. J.A.G McCall was in Esan 1950

114.                     Mr. J.A.G. McCall was in Esan 1951

115.                     Mr. F. Preston –Potts acted as District Officer 1951

116.                     Mr.W.W. Woodall became Acting District
            office 1951

117.                     Mr. W.R. Hatch arrived in Esan Senior District
            officer 1952

118.                    Mr. M. M. R. Haig was in Esan. He introduced fair     
            hearing. He believed no one should be judge until he
           or she is heard 1952

119.                     The provincial Farm at Ogba was transferred to Irrua 1953

120.                   Mr. M.M.R Haig and Mr. percy Dyson 1953

121.                     Telecommunication extending from Ubiaja, Irrua, Ekpoma to Auchi                  
            was started 1953

122.                    Mr. G.F harris arrived in Esan 1954

123.                    Chief Obafemi Awolowo introduced Free Primary Education 1955

124.                    Mr. M. M. R Haig back to Esan 1955

125.                    Mr.Isles took over from M. M. R. Haig 1955

126.                    Mr. Don Litch who hates Esan politics arrived 1956

127.                    Chief Anthony was the first Nigeria to demand for independence    
            from Britain 1956

128.                   Mr. C.J.M. Ross arrived in Esan 1957

129.                    Mid-West was independent 1957

130.                   Nigeria became independent 1960

131.                     Mid-West was created 1963

132.                    Chief Jeriton Mariete became Governor of Mid Western    
           Region 1963

133.                    Dr Christopher Okojie became the Minister for works and transport    
            in the Mid West 1964

134.                    First Military coup ‘De’tat in Nigeria 1966

135.                    Second Military coup ’De’tat in Nigeria 1967

136.                    Mid-Western was invaded by Biafra 1967

137.                    Nigeria civil war started 1967

138.                   Nigeria civil war ended 1970

139.                    Muritala Mohammed was killed 1976

140.                   Obasanjo took over the government of Nigeria 1976

141.                     Second Republic was born and President Sheshu Shagari became the    
           first Executive President 1979

142.                    Ambrose Folorunso Alli became the Governor of Bendel  
          State 1979

143.                    ShehuShagari government was toppled by Buhari/Idiagbon 1983

144.                    Esan Progressive Union (EPU) was formed in Ibadan 1984

145.                    Buhari/Idiagbon government was also toppled by Babangida 1985

146.                    Bendel Flour and Feed Mills was established at Ewu 1986

147.                    Esan was split into four Local Governments 1991

148.                   Esan West, Ekpoma as headquarter

149.                    Esan Central, Irrua as headquarter

150.                   Esan North East, Uromi as headquater

151.                     Esan south East, Ubiaja as headquater

152.                    Interim Government was installed and headed by Earnest     
           Shonekan 1993

153.                    Chief Anthony Anenin was elected as the Chairman of the Social     
            Democratic Party of Nigeria (SDP)

154.                    Onojie of Ewu, IseseleOjeifo II died 1997

155.                    Court declare JafaruOjeifo as Onojie

156.                    Jafaru Isesele I of Ewu in a nineteen month legal tussle

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