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 By WPPraise (from Iwaegbe family)

This is Ewohimi, the land that is flowing with milk and honey. If you do not value what you have you will lose your value.

Ewohimi is a land you plant your crops in the morning at harvest time you smile your way home. For those who have not been to Ewohimi for a long time and has not visited Ewohimi at all, Ewohimi is not what you use to think it is. Folks at home now craves, yearn for change and support developments. They want development just as a barren woman craves for a child. So, arise and visit home and see for yourself. Go and rebuild your family compound that is falling down. God will prosper you as you obey. The time is now! We cannot change the past but we can try to change the future. In Ewohimi we believe, the future shall be better tomorrow.

 If you love nature, Ewohimi is a beautiful place. Since when I was a kid and now I am old Ewohimi has always trigger my creative imaginations. It is a place to take the children to set them lose and just relax and get out of that hustle and bustle of city live.

· In Ewohimi, we breathe fresh air – clean with dews in the morning.

 · There is no noise pollution in Ewohimi.

 · The place is rich with bio diversity with abundance of organic foods.

 · Ewohimi is a land blessed with professional farmers, skilled in well establish organic farming method passed on from one generation to generation.

 ·        The trees grows up to the heavens and spread its branches across blue beautiful sky like a lover that spread his arms around his beloved. If Ewohimi was a woman I shall marry thee. 

Are you proudly Ewohimi Esanland?
  •  He who rejects his place of origin rejects his or herself.

  •   To pay a blind eyes to one’s place of origin is to turn a blind eyes to one’s history. If we reject our yesterday what route shall lead us to tomorrow?

  •  If we forget Ewohimi we are denying ourselves the right to know and be informed of our history.

 If we play down our history we take our future for granted. If we consistently use our   parents, ancestors’ mistakes to judge them and refused to learn from their mistakes we are bound to repeat the same mistakes they made and become even worse.

For the past 16 years and more all sectors of Nigeria experience decayed, neglect with wide infrastructural deficient. Edo State infrastructure deficient was more even worse.  

Right from those days of military dictatorship Bendel (Benin Delta) has been at a standstill. It wasn’t until Adam Oshiomole became governor that Edo State began to see the light.  The challenges of our time the government must do more.

In Ewohimi today the old generation is passing away and the new generation – our Generation is taking over the mantle of leadership. Are we going to continue in self-defeats ideology, self-pity, superstitious beliefs, God forbids but let Arise up and rebuild Ewohimi of our collective dream today.

To change Ewohimi, all sons and daughters of Ewohimi need to revisit their family history, the walls that was broken down, they need to raise it up again. Family threshold need to be rebuild all over Ewohimi.

All sons and daughters of Ewohimi with NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) with the highest integrity need to think of long term sustainable development for Ewohimi/Esanland. Our people needs mobilization, introduction of technology to help them enhance their daily lives. You don’t need money to make a whole lots of different in people’s life we need the will. When there is a will provisions wills come.

Family members who have not spoken to each other for years need to open up new avenue of communication. Effective communications established relationship. “We cannot choose who our relatives should be, even though we may come to like some better than others.” Esanland proverbs


Those who create divisions – turn your family against each other, drove the progressives into exile are dead. Those unrepentant evil unprogressively people in your family who are still alive who refuses to repent God will judge them speedily and wipe them out of existence. Don’t be afraid of evil people but let your hands be clean before Osanobua. When your hands are clean men wish you evil God will turn it around for your good. “He who pursue an innocent chicken will stumble.” Esanland proverbs.

 “Behold, they shall surely gather together, but not by me: whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake.” Isaiah 54:15

Ewohimi’s/Esanland, it’s time to orientate our minds and stop entertaining fear. Let feed our minds and heart with words of courage, possibilities, think right so that your mind can lead you right. What you fear the most has no power over you. It is the fear that has the power. Ministers of the gospel please stop creating fear in God’s children minds. If Osanobua is for you why are you afraid?

Predictions and I prophecy the past will not be the future.

We will live to see a new Ewohimi/Nigeria in our time. What I say may not happen instantly but change is real and may you experience great change in your life family, health and businesses. Evil only triumph because the good refuse to speak. “Without retaliation evils would one day become extinct from the world.” Esanland proverbs

Be fearless. “For God has not giving us a SPIRIT of FEAR, but of POWER and of LOVE and a SOUND.” 2 Timothy 1:7

We the new generation of EWOHIMI declare we are SOUND. We have the SPIRIT of GOD, POWER and of LOVE and a SOUND MIND!

In this 21st century the children of Ewohimi shall rise and rise and they shall rebuilt Ewohimi, in no short time old house will be replaced with the new. Roads will be tarred.  Mansions will be built in Ewohimi.

Ewohimi will experience tremendous development in this 21st century. It shall be because God has look upon Ewohimi with mercy. No mortal, no powers can stand against the development that God is going to orchestrate in Ewohimi and Nigeria in our time. God’s wrath shall be upon the evils one, except they repent they shall perish as flies. Those who Opposes change/development shall fade like dust – voiceless. God shall turn them to spiritual dummies.

The witch doctors shall be blind spiritually and their evils shall be in the past. It is not he that blows the air that controls the winds. But God is in charge of them all. Ise!

Please share and pass it on. Let us encourage one another to be the best we can possibly be today. Osanobua bless the people of Ewohimi and Esanland.


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