The Future Shall Be Better Tomorrow

By Williams Patrick Praise Jr– author/inspirational speaker (from Iwaegbe Family)

Our past is as important as our today and our today is as important as our past. If we do not know where we are coming from how shall we know where we are going? He who cast a blind eye at history is like a man travelling to the future yet he has no idea where he is going. We have to learn from the lesson of the past in order to make a better future.

A people without a cultural heritage have no bright future.  “Does a man not know when he has pepper in his eyes? If we forget yesterday, how shall we remember tomorrow?” Esanland Proverbs

"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots." Marcus Garvey.
We cannot run away from EWOHIMI because we can’t walk away from our self. For all sons and daughters of Ewohimi who has abandoned their homeland due to their unmemorable past should rise up and rebuild their threshold TODAY. I made bold to say, The future shall not be the past. He who is afraid to do so much always ends up doing little. And, what you fear the most has no power over you. It is the fear that has the power.

I have always believe in CHANGE, whether it happen quickly or not, CHANGE IS CONSTANT. It is only failure that is stagnant. Expect CHANGE.

We are going to see a new Nigeria – a better develop Ewohimi in our time. For those who doubt, cast your doubts into the sea, rise up and rebuild your threshold today. EWOHIMI IS RISING! The future belonged to those who build than those who destroy.

For those who are waiting for change to take place before they begin building before they realize, it might be too late. There are those who made history and there are those who watch history made. You chose the side you belong. I chose to be the CHANGE! What about you!

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