ESANLAND Cultivate Your Mind – Reap Purposeful Living

 Cultivate Your Mind – Reap Purposeful Living

By @WPPraise

The success of Omojiade is the glory of Esanland. So let promote/support more of unity of purpose, for by so doing we can direct our energy, resources for the common good of Esanland and Nigeria.

Lack of purpose leads to indefinite action and inaction beget idleness and idleness leads to underdevelopment and redundant of human faculties.

Nations retrogress due to lack of purpose but, vision, hard work, commitment to the vision begets a great and stable nation. It’s high time we realized in Esanland/Nigeria, reform/development won’t happen overnight. Time birth dreams. “Nations do not grow overnight as mushrooms or by miracle. Nations are the result of vision, commitment, selfless sacrifices by men and women who believe in the cause of the nation.” Emeka O Ojukwu.

The disunity of Esanland disfranchises, orchestrates underdevelopment of entire Esanland and Nigeria we see today. This comes about due to failed leadership  - lack of purposeful leadership and citizen/elite engagement with local politicians.

The inefficient management of our natural resources leads to self imposed limitations. Illiteracy, infrastructural deficit, unorganized system that has hinder progress are man made. Any problem created by man can be solved by man. So let no skeptics bore you with impossibilities. Impossibilities are area that mortals have not explored yet. It must be explored for hidden opportunities to be revealed.

We can reverse this trend of underdevelopment by offering to change our ways, by supporting men and women among us who belief in the course of a better accountable organized family,   Esanland and Nigeria. If you think is a mistake to be born in Nigeria/Africa, then you don’t understand fully purpose yet. God never make mistake.

Everyone of us need to made that commitment to redefine our family and national agenda, correct  yesterday  mistakes, refocus our energy, resources to bettering ourselves, build a better organize Esanland/Nigeria, with better structures that deliver socials services for the betterment of us all. No one is going away with the world. Empty we came empty we go. With nothing we came with nothing we go.

How will you want to be remembered after you die? Don’t be fool by glamour and earthly vain glory. One day we all shall vacate living stage and be translated to eternity. Make peace with thy Maker before night falls.

We should stop resenting folks with good idea and rally around men and women Osanobua – God has sent to help organize us.

In every family there is a devil –an individual in Esanland/Nigeria – who resent good works. It’s the bad altitude of some of our people that create all manners of inefficiency we see in our families, Esanland and Nigeria today. Many are just praying for you to fail so they can jeer. But when a man’s hand is clean and men wishes he evil, Osanobua - God will turn it around for his good.

Our habits are what trigger good or evil agenda.
Satan cannot operate without negative energy. To dislodge darkness bad habits must be dethroned. Where there is light darkness can’t operate. “Watch out for people who cause divisions and upset people's faith by teaching things contrary to what you have been taught. Stay away from them.” Romans 16:17.

Little foxes spoil the vine. So, pull down the foxes that spoil the vine.  If we reject divisive folks they will crumbles in their evil ways. We can let their lies die by rejecting their divisive ideologies. They may sow evil seed but we should refused to corporate with their evil agenda.

We will keep praying but Osanobua God is not coming down to help us fix our broken household,  repair our roads, build clinics, fix light, farm our lands and feed our family or nation.

He is not coming down to help us pipe water into our homes from our abundant rivers, that flows into Atlantic Oceans, wasting away while our people have no pipe borne water to drink.

Some of us prays and wait in vain
We do not even use our equipment God gave us freely to revolutionaries our destinies. Lack of understanding handicap human minds. Sweet words don’t put food on the table my good friends.

We expect others to do for us what only we can do for ourselves. We use our equipment:

1.       Our hearing (ears) to obtain messages and feed our minds with rubbish.

2.      Our brain – minds translate this rubbish into negative action and drives our hands and legs to places they shouldn’t be. When evening dawns we’re under-productive, with nothing to take home from the field. Why, the field of our minds are laying fallow – uncultivated.

3.      We use our mouths for amebo, ovabi asabi – busy bodies, sharing fake news, we just can’t mind our business, always poke nosing into businesses that do not concerns us.  

Pray hard but also work hard smarter and maintain your integrity.

There is dignity in labour. Stop claiming what you have not planned or worked for. That’s covetousness. There is no green grass anywhere. Any green grass you see is planted and nurtured by someone. Take it or leave it, that’s the truth. It’s time to get back to basics in this country.

The generation of the wicked God is rapidly wiping them out of Esanland/Nigeria. Many are so wicked and dark in heart that Christ blood won’t cleans their sins. They have no successors to carry on their evil ways. God is cleansing our land. We serve the living God. It’s only those who do not know Osanobua – the living God that’s afraid of the Goliath in the land.

Esanland/Nigeria will be better organized in our time.

If you don’t believe, na your wahala be dat. Why will you cast a doubt of cloud hanging over your destiny? Don’t you know you can’t rise above the level of your thoughts? If you do not believe Nigeria/Africa will be a better in our time, you will refuse to be part of transformers. You won’t support developmental ideas; as such you get left behind. I believe and I am confidence that the future shall  be better tomorrow. That’s why I am working toward a better Esanland, Nigeria and Africa. I shall eat the good of the land. We must learn to speak positive words over our lives and reject every negative pronunciation. Ise and Amen.

Dare to believe because “the future shall be better tomorrow.” The work for a better future begins today. Be part of it.

“Nothing earthly will make me give up my work in despair, I encourage myself in the lord, my God and move forward.” David Livingstone.


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