Photo courtesy-Ben Black Art Photography
By @WPP Jr 

She’s decked beautiful like paradise flower
Intricately woven by the unmistakeable hand of Osanobua
She fine no be small o
She go make your belly dey sweet like sweet potatoes

Esanland woman
The mother of our birth
In whose womb we were conceived
With her tender word of care she nurture us to adulthood
Be kind to thy mother
Who nurse thee with her sweet milk of life
Ineme- Ineme- my mother,  my mother
Thou art magnificent
And I love thee so

If you strike Esanland woman
Na rock you go jam
The mother of my children
In whose warm arm of embrace I find solace
I salute you
Oh thou woman of Esanland-Benin Kingdom, Nigeria, Africa
We’ll love you until eternity
From Nile to Niger
From Zambezi to Limpopo
May your sacrifice never be in vain