The Hell Hole - Governor Obaseki Idea Of An Ultra Modern Bus Terminal.

  The Hell Hole - A Governor Obaseki Idea Of A Ultra Modern Bus Terminal. 
 The Hell Hole - A Governor Obaseki Idea Of A Ultra Modern Bus Terminal 2019

Million of Naira contracts were awarded to construct Ultra Modern Bus Terminal in Edo State, the outcome is this hell hole Governor Obaseki called The New Ultra Modern Bus Terminal, Edo State, a 17th century mud hole.

Drivers, commuters are subjected to unnecessary hardship, they have to navigate inside mud, and a filthy dirty germ filled open space. Governor Obaseki ineffective half haphazard poor infrastructures drive is making the state less Investor Friendly. His fellow governor of Kaduna, Kebbi, Lagos, Ebonyi State has left Edo behind in 17th century.
 The Hell Hole - A Governor Obaseki Idea Of A Ultra Modern Bus Terminal 2019

 The Hell Hole - A Governor Obaseki Idea Of A Ultra Modern Bus Terminal 2019
Compare Lagos to Edo Bus Terminal same country
Why is it that every time we elect a Benin man to be governor of Edo, they misgovern and run the state down, why? Let call a spare a spared. We expected the Obaseki to do what Fashola did after Mr. Tinubu left Lagos in Edo State. Lo & behold we're back to square 1.

Did you know in this 21st century Edo State capital doesn’t have ordinary pipe borne water but go to Nasarawa, Kaduna, kano State pipe borne water is a necessity and taps flow in people homes.

The governor didn't curb the excesses of BEDC (Benin Electricity Distribution Company), the disco behind darkness of entire Edo state. The man is weak as a lever. Yet, Borno State who has been at war and still facing terrorism challenge enjoy almost 22 hours of electricity daily, better clinics, hospitals, roads yet Edo  State is not at war. 

The State governor is wasting tax payer’s money running around the world seeking for FDI ordinary broken down water board he can’t fix, standard roads, bus terminal he can't build. Why doesn’t he sit back at home fix basic infrastructures first and see if the investors will not come, if the good people of Benin Kingdom who reside outside the state if they will not bring funding in and change the state forever.

Edo State, with its proximity to Lagos has a hug potential that’s underutilized, it suppose to be darling of investor playground. Food, accommodations is cheap, there is vast land. The people are hard working, true to its “Heartbeat” slogan, accommodating every tribe from Nigeria but the governor is living below expectations.

Benin kingdom entrepreneurs, with abundant resources are scattered all over Nigeria and the world. They got the skills and fund but no one is going to come home to invest in a place where ordinary pipe borne water doesn't exist.

O Obaseki Obaseki why are you lackadaisical in infrastructural drive?
You said you didn't share Edo money, where is the infrastructure to show as proof for billions of Naira of contracts that has been awarded?

What happen to the money meant to construct Edo Ultra Modern Bus Terminal?

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