Did you know 70% fund has be released for 2017 CONSTITUENCY PROJECT ALLOCATION TO ESANLAND

Engage your representative at the National Assembly today and ask for the status of these projects in our communities.  

Are these projects ongoing or completed as specify in 2017 budget, if not what happen to the fund?  #GetInvolved #FollowTheMoney #2018ConstituencyProjects #Esanland #AskQuestion

NOTE: If you study the budget closely you’ll notice Igueben and Esan Central LGA has similarities. That’s a question Esan Folks should direct to Hon. Odia/Edionwele for clarification. Why every year their constituency projects are the same.

ESANLAND Folks Abuja is not our problem. Lets sanitize the local level by constantly and positively engaging local politicians. That’s where funds for development get missing.

Think of one good thing you can do to make Esanland/Edo State and Nigeria a better place today.
Talk is Cheap, Get involve.

Remember, the future belong to those that build than those that destroy.