April 2, 2018


NOTE: Please Do Not Start Long term Cash Crop Farming on a Lease Land. Buy The Land and Ensure You Have all Documentations.

By Nigeria Farmers Group and Cooperative Society.    

 If You own one Hectare, one Hundred or a Thousand Hectares or more in Any Location in Nigeria and You Want to Farm With your Eyes on a Sustainable and Viable Retirement opportunity over the next decades, you must consider cash crop today. If you are a Farmer, Farmrade, Investor (or anybody interested in farming as a Long Term business or investment), You are Around 40yrs plus, & you are not planning on going into cash crop, then you maybe short changing yourself.

Why? You may ask. Some of these reasons will suffice. Cash crop is the only agro investment where you plant/invest once & harvest for many many years. Cash crop requires minimal care unlike arable crops that require ICU treatment. Cash crop can be used to hedge against any other financial investment. This is because, if done well; you are sure of good returns every year for a Minimum of 10 years.

Furthermore, Cash crop will give you a lump sum of income every blessed year (sometimes twice e.g cocoa & sometimes all year round e.g plantain) as long as you maintain the minimum care. Cash crop agro investment is one of the best heritages you/we can bequeath to your/our children or next generation. Cash Crops Will Serve Your Financial Needs Now and Be Available For your Children when you are gone.

Is cash crop farming so easy or is it Eldorado after planting? No! Far from it. Cash crop requires ICU treatment during the establishment period till when it starts fruiting. But, after that, it required minimal attention or care. Most cash crops will require 3 to 5 weeding per year & you are good. Cash crop might not give monthly cash inflows like arable crops or animal husbandry, but the *management stress levels* are definitely not the same.

Example of cash crops & their production life spans are:

·         Cocoa (Last well over 40yrs)
·         Plantain (last 10 - 20yrs)
·         Coffee (Last 10 - 30yrs)
·         Oil-palm (Last over 30yrs)
·         Cashew (Last over 30yrs)
·         Kolanut (Last over 40yrs)
·         Date-palm (Last over 40yrs)
·         Fruit tree (subject to availability of off takers)

The Advice is Simple; Please Do not put your investment funds in any basket that has less than 60% Physical Asset. Consider cash crop Investment Options that are Capable of Generational Revenue for You and your Family over decades.

Also Note that when all energies are gone in your old age, you need a guaranteed income to take care of your old age, that is where cash crop agro – investment makes a lot of sense.*

For more info, guidance on how to go about setting up your cash crop farm/agro-investment, please contact:

#NFGCSFARMS: Tel: 08035762726