Esanland, did you know Senator Clifford Odia received:

13.5 million + 700, 000 monthly consolidated salary and allowances.
Total monthly salary=14.2 million
Read Premiumtimes NG  N13.5M Monthly Illegal Allowance
1)     Since Mr. Clifford Odia was elected a Federal Senator, representing Esanland, Edo State, he has not hold one town hall meetings in Esanland except maybe in his Idunmun.

2)      Today there’s no meaningful viable constituents project facilitated by Senator Clifford Odia in Esanland.
3)      His presence is not felt in anywhere in Esanland except maybe in his Idunmun. Mind you, Senator Clifford Odia was elected by Esan folks to represent entire Esanland not the community he comes from in Esanland.
4)      Since he became Senator, rural electrification, roads in Esanland has gone from good to bad.
5)      Senator Clifford Odia became wealthy because Esan folks elect him to be Federal Senator. His bank account is fat because of Esan folk’s vote, if he had share part of his lot in meaningful project that touches the lives of entire Esan folks we won’t be here right now. Lo and behold, the man got to Abuja forgets the good people of Esanland and the work he was sent to do. Esan folks didn’t sent Mr. Cliffford Odia to represent himself in Abuja but for the collective development of all.
We appeal to the honourable sons and daughters of Esanland home and abroad to join Senatorial Race in the next upcoming election and run for office. #GetInvolved

We need to resurrect the spirit of Anthony Enahoro, Ambrose Alli in Esanland. Who worked tirelessly to develop and organize Esanland before it was set back by those who inherited Esanland from them.  May their souls RIP.

If Senator Clifford Odia runs for re-election he should be voted out. It’s time to take Esanland back.
It’s your constitution rights to demand accountability from elected officer, including Senator Clifford Odia.

Call your elected representative and demand accountability.
Vice Chairman Senate Committee on Works
Representing Edo State Central Senatorial District
Tel: 08038403877