HEALTH -Don’t throw away those water melon seeds!

By Agronigeria

Watermelon is one of the fruits that is rich of water. Watermelon is good for hydrating our body because it contains vitamins A and C, as well as potassium, zinc, fat and calorie.

However, it is not just the fleshy part of the fruit that provides amazing health benefits when consumed. Unknowingly to many people, watermelon seeds are packed with nutrients including fatty acids, essential proteins and lots of minerals.

Some of the many health benefits that water melon provides when eaten include:

·         Arginine is essential amino acids present in Watermelon seed, which is believed to improve sexual health in men.

·         Watermelon seeds are good source of dietary fibers which helps in smooth bowel movements and treatment of constipation.

·         Water melon seeds are considered demulcent or a substance that relieves irritation of the mucous membranes in the mouth.

·         Lisin in watermelon seeds are essential for the forming of collagen in our body to keep our skin healthy and prevent us from early aging.

Water Melon Seeds
·         Watermelon seeds oil is rich of fatty acids that are essential for our hair to make it moisture and safe from breakage.

·         Watermelon seed are rich in Vitamin B3 or niacin which increases production of ceramides and fatty acids responsible for protection of skin.

·         When boiled for 40-45 minutes, and drank as tea every day, diabetes patients can use watermelon seeds as part of their medication.

·         The magnesium content in water melon seeds is important for controlling our blood pressure and carbohydrate metabolism.

So when next you buy the water melon, don’t just eat the fleshy part, eat the seeds too!