Have you Enrol for NINs (National Identification Numbers )?

NOTE: If you have BVN, you probably have a National ID Number. You can go to NIMC place and get it printed for you.  

By law and along the entire lifecycle of individuals in Nigeria, you need to present your NIN (National Identification Numbers ) whenever you need to be identified for services such as 
  • Passport issuance.
  • banking services,
  • land transactions,
  • insurance services,
  • payment of taxes,
  • voter registration,
  • consumer credits,
  • And all government services.

Enrol for the NIN, encourage everyone you know to do same, including children and legal residents to avoid rush. You don’t want to be caught rushing here and there when they begin enforcement of the mandatory use of NIN for transactions and access to services as stipulated in Section 27 of the NIMC Act of 2007.

Soonest they begin Diaspora enrolment I will get mine and I encourage you to do same. I know lots of folks whose money is stock in banks because dem no dey hear word, because they didn’t register for BVN - Always waiting to do things at the last minute then they missed out. Get NIN (National Identification Numbers ) NOW and be prepared, it’s those who don’t have a plan that complain all the time.

If you haven’t enrolled for your National Identification Identity (NIN) e-Card visit: https://penrol.nimc.gov.ng/loginForm.tpl.html.php

For more information visit:


National Identity Management Commission

Beware of fraudsters posing as National Identification Management Commission officials:
Don’t fall for Fraud Nigerians.

The NIN (National Identification Number) and e-ID Card (Electronic ID) are FREE!