Ginger Therapy for Kidney Failure

By Agronigeria
Ginger has been known for its efficacy in the treatment of several diseases and sicknesses over the years. For example, it has been confirmed that ginger relieves muscle pain, period cramps, reduces arthritic joint pain, relieves morning sickness, treats motion sickness, eases any type of nausea as well as protects against cancer. These are good enough reasons to recommend ginger for daily consumption in every household.

Moreover, the recent research findings in India have further accentuated the importance of ginger as Ginger Massage has been discovered to provide best treatments for kidney failure and dialysis patients. This was introduced by S. Pari, a software engineer, for his father G. Shanmugam who suffered from kidney failure. The Ginger Massage therapy is said to be effective as the failed kidney was restored to the normal level.

In a bid to document and preserve the therapy for scientific verification, Maya Tiwari wrote a book titled, Ayurveda Secrets of Healing, in which the procedures for Ginger Massage for kidney failure and dialysis patients are clearly spelt out:

1.      Take 125 g of washed ginger and cut them into pieces and grind in a mixie.

2.     Put this crushed ginger in a white cloth and tie it.

3.     Boil about 3 litres of water. When bubbles come, put the cloth tied ginger into the boiled water. Close the hot pot with a plate.

4.     Keep the stove in sim (low flame) for 20-30 minutes.

5.     Put off the stove and leave the pot in the closed condition for 5 minutes.

6.     Bring the ginger water pot near the patient and ask the patient to lie down on his stomach exposing the back. (Stomach down posture)

7.     Soak a small towel (Bath towel) in the hot ginger water, squeeze it partially and spread the towel over the lower portion of the patient’s back.

8.     Remove the towel when it cools (or dried) out to warm stage and squeeze it into another vessel. Again soak it in the hot ginger water and put it on the patient’s back.

9.     Please note every time before putting the towel on patient’s back, close the ginger vessel immediately to avoid loss of heat.

10. Repeat the above steps 7 & 8 till the water becomes warm for about 20-30 minutes.

11.   When the massaging is over, wipe the back and gently rub the massaged area with 4 -5 drops of Gingili oil (Sesame Oil).

12. Remain in lying down posture for two minutes. Turn and rest for two more minutes, then get up.

13.  Discard the used ginger and water.

You are advised to monitor Urea, Creatinine, Hemoglobin level in Blood every month.
Monitor also the Colour, Odour and Volume of Urine. Your urine output will increase and clinically, you feel energetic too

Additional instructions:

a. Reduce the quantity of salt intake to half.

b. After meals, take half teaspoon of turmeric powder three times a day.

c. Avoid taking banana, cabbage, egg yolk and tomato while the treatments last